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John Crist Announces Netflix Special Debuting in November

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Christian comedian John Crist quietly announced via social media Tuesday that he has a brand new Netflix special dropping Thanksgiving day.

Crist, whose first gig was in 2009 at a Chili’s restaurant, has made quite a name for himself. In 2017, he headlined his first tour — “Captive Thoughts” — and last year launched his second tour, “Human Being Tour.” He is also working on his first book, which is slated to debut next spring.

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Now you can add Netflix to his laundry list of accomplishments.

The 35-year-old comedian’s special, “I Ain’t Prayin’ for That,” will premiere on the streaming service Nov. 28.

Crist, from Atlanta, told The Tennessean earlier this year faith-based comedy “has gotten a bad rap in the past because it’s very passive, and it’s not honest,” adding he has no problem poking fun at the weird nuances of the Christian subculture.

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“It’s like knock-knock jokes type humor,” he continued. “What we’re bringing to the table is another level of honesty, and maybe transparency, that I think does make some people uncomfortable.”

That kind of comedy, though, has worked for Crist because his supporters know he is a believer. There are certain things, he explained, that are off-limits, like jokes about the crucifixion.

“There’s nothing funny to me about Jesus on the cross or the Virgin Mary, things that are very at the center of our belief system,” he said. “But if your pastor is dressed like he’s on ‘MTV Cribs,’ I’m gonna make fun of that. I worked in a church last week that had ‘Pastors Only’ parking spots, which in my estimation, is, I think, 100 percent everything that Jesus as a person was against.”

Faithwire reached out to Crist’s team. If they respond, this story will be updated to include the comedian’s comments.

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