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'It's the Mission of Christ': Singer Phil Stacey Hosts Sunday's International Day for the Unreached

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Click the player above to watch CBN News anchor Charlene Aaron's interview with singer Phil Stacey about his participation in Sunday's International Day for the Unreached.
Singer and American Idol finalist Phil Stacey is taking part in Sunday's International Day for the Unreached (IDU). He's hosting the annual event in efforts to reach the 2 billion-plus people who have yet to hear about Jesus.
The IDU is a global campaign calling for greater involvement in efforts to share the gospel specifically with "those who have yet had no access to the gospel because of political or religious barriers, geographical location, or simple neglect."
Stacey has traveled abroad on missions trips to witness first-hand how the Alliance for the Unreached directly influences lives of people across the world.
Stacey will perform at the event which will also feature video reports from unreached missions workers around the world, updates from alliance leaders, and a panel discussion about the unreached challenge.
"It's an honor to join this group to celebrate the International Day for the Unreached," he said. "If we believe the scriptures to be true, we must concede that reaching the unreached is paramount to the mission Christ has given us. If we believe that Jesus is the hope of the world, it must become our highest priority as a church."
This year's 90-minute event takes place in Colorado Springs on Sunday, May 20 to coincide with Pentecost Sunday—the day when the Holy Spirit fell upon the early church, empowering members to take the good news to the ends of the earth. 
The event will be live-streamed around the world from the organizing Alliance for the Unreached's Facebook page, Sunday at 7:15 pm Eastern. It will also be broadcast on media outlets in other countries, including parts of Kenya and Uganda.
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