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Israel Exposes Iranian-Backed Hezbollah Terror Cell on Syrian Border

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JERUSALEM, Israel – Israel says the Lebanese-based Hezbollah terror group is setting up shop along its border inside Syria to attack the Jewish state. 

“Hezbollah is a terror organization. It's a proxy of Iran. It does Iran's bidding and this terror network is part of Iran's aggression against Israel,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said.

Netanyahu warned the terrorists that Israel will not let them get away with their illicit activities.

“Israel knows what you're doing; Israel knows where you're doing it. What we've uncovered today is just the tip of the iceberg. We know a lot more,” he continued.

Netanyahu spoke after the IDF published previously classified intelligence information.

In a Facebook video, standing on the Golan Heights, IDF spokesman Jonathan Conricus said the terrorist network is comprised of Syrians but led by the Lebanese and masterminded by the Iranian-backed Hezbollah.

“The main guy behind it, is a known terrorist called Ali Musa Daqduq, and for American ears he has history. He was responsible for the abduction and execution of five American servicemen in Iraq in 2007.  He even served time in prison in Iraq and was then released in a prison swap,” Conricus explained.

According to the IDF, the terror network started after Syria regained control of the area last summer.

The IDF released footage showing a what it said is a terror-affiliated outpost on the Syrian Golan.

A map of the area shows Hezbollah’s two headquarters in Beirut and Damascus as well as its frontline infrastructure and operatives on Israel’s border

“Anybody that cares about regional stability should be concerned about the fact that Hezbollah is trying to build a terror network on our doorstep,” Conricus added.

Netanyahu said Israel will do what it needs to do to defend itself.

“We will continue to use all means, overt and covert, to block Iran's effort to use Syria, Lebanon and Gaza as forward bases for attacking Israel,” he said.

Earlier in the week Netanyahu visited the Golan Heights with US Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC).

Graham said he would push congress to recognize the area as part of Israel because it’s the best thing for America.

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