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Inspirational: Manny Pacquiao's Faith Highlighted on Social Sites


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The world of sports entertainment is often full of glittering lights and glory, but no God. Professional boxer and Filipino politician Manny Pacquiao is changing that by standing up for God when the whole world is watching him. 

The popular, social website Diply featured Pacquiao and his faith recently. The article details how he lives out what he believes.

When he is not in the boxing ring, or serving as a Senator in the Phillippines, he is sharing his faith with his family and followers on social media. 

Pacquiao makes sure his fans know where his blessings truly come from. 


Thank you God for all your blessings to me and my family. For the strength you give me each day.

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He unashamedly declares his faith in God. 

Pacquiao is a proud family man who teaches them to put God before everything they do.

Pacquiao is the hands and feet of Christ to those in need. He is a humanitarian who has build hundreds of homes for the poor and needy in his country. 


This made me cry. I love helping those in need.

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When crisis strikes in his country he is one of the first on the ground to help rebuild. He is also quick to lead his more than three million followers in prayer for restoration and peace. 


Lord Jesus, we pray for all the victims of typhoon Lawin and the spirits that have been broken. For the lives lost, may their souls find peace in heaven. Welcome them in the warm embrace of your loving arms and give them rest.  We pray also for the families they have left behind. May you keep them strong as they carry on with their lives. Give them courage to face any further hardships that come their way, and allow them to pave the way to a better life. Though some may be homeless, we pray that they never be hopeless.  Lord Jesus, those of us you have spared from the typhoon are grateful. We pray that you always remind us to do what we can for the victims and to be the pillars in rebuilding our nation. In You we place our hope and trust. Amen

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Pacquiao makes sure to keep up on his physical fitness and his spiritual fitness. 


I need food for physical strength and the Bible for spiritual strength. May God Bless everyone.

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When he isn't in the ring or at home, he is serving God and country as a senator in the Phillipines. 










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