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'I Was Really Frightened' Thousands Flee Philippine Volcano; CBN Humanitarian Gives Help

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DARAGA, ALBAY --Mayon Volcano, a tourist attraction in the Philippines because of its near perfect cone shape has turned hazardous as it becomes more and more restive every day. The volcano is spewing hot lava and ash, forcing more than 60,000 residents to flee to temporary shelters.

The Alert on Mayon Volcano was raised to 'Level 4' as it continued to display intense sporadic lava fountaining.

According to volcanologists, these frequent explosions signify that Mayon Volcano is at the peak of a major and very dangerous eruption.

Mayona was among those who fled. She can't help but cry over her family's situation. Ironically, she was named after the famous tourist attraction, but it's now made her life miserable. A single mom of six children, she recalls the night when she and her children were forced to run to safety. 

She said, "I was really frightened at the rumbling sound that the volcano made. It sounded very loud like the engine of a big truck." 

Although her house is inside the 8 km danger zone, Mayona remained in her house. But when her children started crying, she decided to take them to the evacuation center. 

The community's public school is now an evacuation center. Mayona and her children share a classroom with twelve other families. They were forced to leave their homes because of the imminent danger posed by Mayon Volcano. 

The evacuees, like Mayona fled with just meager belongings and no money to buy food. 

They were very happy that CBN Humanitarian came to give them rice, eggs and other food items. 

And more than the physical food, Mayona received spiritual nourishment as a CBN Humanitarian church partner told her about the good news of salvation through Christ and prayed for her. 

Her face lit up and said, "My faith has just been strengthened, because I know that whatever happens, I am now certain that God will never leave me." 

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology says two to three months may pass before Mayon Volcano is peaceful again. In these trying times, CBN Humanitarian is committed to help. 

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Lucille Talusan is the Asia Correspondent for CBN News.