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'I Live for the King': Christian Rapper NF Makes History as Best-Selling Musician in Entire US

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Nathan John Feuerstein is best known by his stage name NF, and the Christian hip-hop artist is making quite a name for himself throughout the music world.

His third studio album "Perception" topped the Billboard Chart for an entire week in October, making him the best-selling musician in the entire country, Christian and secular markets alike.

That acclaim is quite a rarity for a Christian artist. Though, like many Christians in the rap game, NF has pushed back against the label. That's because his music isn't just aimed at the Christian market.

"If you're a Christian and you're a plumber, are you a Christian plumber?" he's quoted as saying in an article in Idolator.

Labels aside, NF's lyrics routinely share his relationship with God.

In one song he proclaims, "I don't live for the world. I live for the king. I live for the king."

The Michigan native uses his music to open up about the pain in his life, from his parents' divorce to the day his mother died from an overdose.

In a freestyle rap called "Rhyme and Reason - Real," NF talks a bit about his faith journey and how God has given him rap to help him along the way.

"I've been through hell in my life though. But I know where heaven is. Father forgive me for I am a sinner, but you gave me music as medicine," he raps.

You can watch that here, and hear him talk a bit about his recent struggles in the hip-hop world:

"I stand behind these words: I'm a Christian but I'm not perfect," NF says.

You can sample his music for yourself here:


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