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Hundreds of Christians Murdered by Islamic Jihadists Across 3 African Countries

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An ongoing campaign of terror against Christians has been waged across western and central Africa in recent weeks, leaving several hundred Christians murdered in at least three African countries from South Sudan to Cameroon.

They're mainly being targeted by Islamic radicals from different groups, including the Boko Haram and Fulani militants.

In Nigeria last month alone, at least 121 people were killed and thousands forced to leave their homes in Christian villages located in South Kaduna state after separate attacks by so-called Muslim Fulani tribesmen, according to the Barnabus Fund.  

The extremists attacked the Chibob farming community in Gora ward, killing 22 people on July 10.  They struck again a little more than a week later murdering 38 people in Kagoro town, and leaving 32 more dead in Kukum Daji and Gora Gan in separate attacks.

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Then on July 22, the Fulani militants armed with knives and machetes, attacked homes in the Christian village of Kizachi, brutally murdering one child aged 9, three teenagers, and one adult. 

The attacks continued the next night in Doka Avong Village during a rainstorm. At least seven Christians were killed, and many others were turned out into the storm as their homes were set on fire by the militants.  

The Barnabus Fund reports Christians living in Kaduna state have asked for prayers of peace after the Islamic militants continue their relentless attacks. One witness to the frequent attacks described them as "endemic."

Church and Christian Leaders Attacked in South Sudan

Meanwhile, in South Sudan, six children who had been taken hostage were among the 23 people killed when unidentified gunmen attacked an Anglican church in Jonglei State on July 27. At least 20 others were wounded. 

"After killing people in the church, the gunmen went to the homestead village and killed people there," Bishop Moses Anur Ayom told the Episcopal News Service. "The gunmen burned down the whole village in Makol Chuei."

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Gunmen also made another attack on the Jalle village, killing Jacob Amanjok, an Anglican archdeacon, and three pastors.

"There is no need of killing the pastors," Ayom said. "I am not happy about this issue of killing and destroying churches. I would like to appeal to the international community to intervene. As a church leader, I forgive the gunmen. The Bible says we have to forgive those who do wrong to us."

Sleeping Christians Slaughtered in Cameroon

And in Cameroon, the Boko Haram attacked a camp for displaced people during the night on Aug. 2, killing at least 18 Christians as they slept. During the hour-long attack, the jihadists wounded several others and also ransacked houses. A witness said when local police arrived on the scene, the group of militants escaped capture and crossed the border into Nigeria.

According to the Barnabus Fund, for the last six years, violence by the Boko Haram has intensified in Far North Cameroon, which borders the Islamist terror group's bases around Lake Chad and northeastern Nigeria.

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