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How Sadie Robertson Is Helping Teens Go from 'Chained to Changed'

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DALLAS -- "Duck Dynasty's" Sadie Robertson is hitting the road with a show called "Live Original."

The best-selling author and former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant is taking the opportunity to share a message with teens about what real confidence is all about.

"Live Original is something my dad called me," she told CBN News. "He called me 'The Original' when I was 5 years old, and it just kind of stuck and that became my message."

"I want to preach confidence into the lives of teens in America and throughout the world and it's crazy it's our first tour and its finally here!" she exclaimed.

The tour will visit 16 cities across the United States. Their mission? To help this generation go from "chained to changed."

"I always tell people right after 'Dancing With The Stars,' I was in the best shape of my life and looking in the mirror I could still find flaws, but it's because my heart wasn't pure," Robertson explained. "I wasn't looking for the right reasons."

"So when you work out your heart and not always your body then you become more confident and don't compare yourself," she said.

Her mom, Korie Robertson, says even the lives of big stars aren't perfect - they have their flaws and weaknesses like everyone else.

"You can look at our kids and think, 'Oh, they got it all made. Their family's famous' or whatever," she said. "But everyone is chained to something, chained to things in our own heart and mind and we can all be changed through Christ and I think that's really apart of the message."

Luke and Mary Kate Robertson agreed.

"The journey from where we were prior to 'Duck Dynasty' and fame and everything, we like to say it was different, but we were still us and tried to really stay the same people through the whole thing," she said.

The Robertsons are hoping to tackle tough topics Millennials find themselves facing today.

"It's going to be awesome to see these kids get really vulnerable and tell the hardships of their life and challenge people and say we can make a difference in this generation," Korie Robertson said.

The groups "Love and the Outcome" and "Family Force 5" also add musical entertainment for the night – and maybe a few other surprises.

"Yeah, there's some crazy things happening tonight," Sadie told CBN News. "There will be some sumo, some dinosaurs, some running -- all kinds of stuff."

For a full list of tour dates, visit the Live Original website.

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