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'The Holy Spirit Has Been in Me and with Me': Danica McKellar Reveals God Has Been Carrying Her Through Hard Times

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"Wonder Years" actress Danica McKellar is sharing more about her faith in God, pointing to His power to bring us peace in the midst of hardship.

She recently posted on Instagram about the death of a loved one, saying that even in the sadness she has found joy through the Holy Spirit.

"I'll be honest; it's been super rough time over here with a sudden and unexpected death in the family... but we are hanging in there. Life hits us all with challenges of all sorts at various times. Just remember that we are not alone. Love and comfort are just one breath away."

"I have had moments of joy amidst this tragedy, absolutely because of connection to God. I used to be uncomfortable with the term Holy Spirit, and used to think of it as Universal Love," she explains, describing her pre-Christian days. "But I can tell you, the Holy Spirit has been in me and with me through this difficult time and I'm just so grateful."

McKellar revealed back in May that she's recently discovered the saving grace of Jesus Christ in a powerful way. "And I can tell you I'm experiencing a relationship with God and Jesus that I've never had before, and it feels miraculous," she said on Instagram.

"I have been going to church and finding a lot of amazing love and peace and purpose and it's blowing my mind. I always had this other preconceived notion of what that was when people talked about Jesus and the Lord. I just didn't quite get it," she said.

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Lately, McKellar has also been posting about other areas that are dear to her heart, like promoting Camp Christmas for foster kids.

And on July 4th, she called on Americans to give thanks for the blessings of America, despite our mistakes and struggles as a nation.

She says we should all be grateful for the freedoms we have, calling on others to join her and "spread the joy, healing, and unity that our beautiful country needs". She concluded with, "#ProudAmerican #GodBlessAmerica".  

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