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'Her Results are Incredible!' Hillsong Worship Leader Continues to Defy Doctors With Miraculous Recovery

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Hillsong worship leader Chelsea Taylor has continued to make staggering fast progress in her recovery from a sudden brain aneurysm, prompting many to call it miraculous.

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Taylor, who was rushed to hospital after leading worship at Hillsong’s Sydney-based “Hills” campus, has been making astonishing progress, according to those close to her.

“Her results are incredible!” Hillsong Creative pastor Cass Langton wrote in an update on Instagram stories. “They revealed minimal vasospasms that were attended to and the doctors are confident there won’t be any more.”

Langton added that the doctors were “hoping to have the draining tubes out in a couple of days, saying ‘it’s really good news and we’re confident.”


“Please pray for Chelsea, one of our beloved Sydney team. This is her leading worship at church on Sunday - she was rushed to hospital shortly afterwards, has since come through a major surgery and needs our prayer. This girl is very dear to our hearts.” — @brookeligertwood ・・・#Repost @casslangton HILLSONG CREATIVE — This is our @chelsealeetaylor at 8am yesterday— she’s a worshipper, a lover of Jesus and one of the purest hearts ever — and tonight she could do with your prayers. She has just come through a 9 hour brain surgery and we are believing for no more bleeds complete healing and miracles in Jesus name — we are not out of the woods by any means — tonight she is in ICU but we believe in Jesus, his resurrection power and for hope to appear (@zellataylor and all your family we are on your team ). #iloveus #ourpeople #praylikeshesyourstoo

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Chelsea, who is awake and talking, declared “See you Sunday” after being visited by one of the church’s pastoral staff. “Not sure it will be that quick but she’s very keen to be leaving the hospital and getting back into life, particularly work!”

Langton thanked supporters from across the world for “storming heaven and declaring the Kingdom authority we yearn to see unleashed on the earth.”

“It’s working!” she added.

Taylor appeared to become unwell after leading the opening worship set Sunday, before being rushed to hospital in critical condition.

“I am actually speechless right now,” wrote Hillsong United member Matty Crocker on Instagram Monday.

“We were leading worship together yesterday morning and then we both walked off separate sides of the stage. Halfway through the message I got a text saying you wouldn’t be up there with us when we go back up. I thought you had fainted and that was it. I only found out in the last few hours how serious it was…”

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Many have been posting to social media in a bid to lift Chelsea up in prayer. “Been praying for beautiful Chels!! Believing and proclaiming healing and restoration in Jesus name!” one wrote. “We stand in victory because of the power of the blood and we know this will be such a beautiful testimony!”

Do keep Chelsea in your prayers at this time, that she might experience total and complete healing!

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