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Harry Connick Jr. Sits Down With CBN's Studio 5 to Discuss New Gospel Album 'Alone With my Faith'

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Grammy-winning musician Harry Connick Jr. spent much of 2020 working on his latest new album, which is scheduled for release on March 19th. 

Alone with my Faith is a unique project because Connick wrote all the songs, played each instrument, and sang every part.

During an interview with CBN's Studio 5, Connick said he's always wanted to make a Gospel album. So with a slower schedule due to the pandemic, he made use of the opportunity.

"I wouldn't call this the Gospel album I had thought about making only because it's not a collection of spirituals that everyone knows," Connick explained. "It's got some original songs and quite honestly, some of the songs deal with struggling with faith as much as having faith so when I was home, I found myself counting on my faith or questioning my faith.

"So I said, I'm gonna write about it and so the album that I thought was going to be a *Gospel* album 5-10 years down the road turned out to be this album now because it was really helping me get through this time."

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The artist revealed this his daughter, Georgia Connick, helped create the album cover and directed his rendition of "Amazing Grace."

"She is an amazing photographer and film director. It came time to shoot the album cover and I said, Georgia, I'd love for you to do it. She took an amazing picture, then it came time to do the video and I said, Do you feel like working with me on this and she said 'I'd love to.' She found the location and mapped out her artist vision and I thought it was terrific. She's just a super talent and I couldn't be more proud."

Connick said he created the album in real-time, while people are actually struggling with the obstacles brought on by the pandemic...including those who need to reaffirm their faith.

"This is a situation that we're in literally right now where it's a shared experience of loss, confusion, and hope," he said. "I don't know you but I know that you're feeling what I'm feeling because we're all wondering when this is going to end. I needed it for myself to sort of sing the songs that help me to articulate my feelings."

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And Connick pointed out that the album contains some familiar songs, along with some that may seem unexpected.

"I'm a Christian and I'm proud of my faith but I also realize this is a big world and there's a lot of people in it. I love and respect them so much and I wanted to include them in this process too," he said." 

"Some of the songs are certainly from a Christian perspective like "Old Rugged Cross," "Because He Lives," and "How Great Thou Art" but there are other songs that I wrote that are about faith and every level of faith. Whether you're feeling doubtful about it or you're super powerfully strong about it - this is shared experience so these songs were written for what we're all going through together."

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