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The Good News in Iraq: "Muslims are Coming to Faith in Christ"

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Watch: Author and missionary Tom Doyle says Muslims in Iraq are turning to Jesus

An author and missionary to the Middle East tells Christian World News that there's good news in Iraq: "Muslims are coming to faith in Christ."

Tom Doyle of Uncharted Ministries spoke with George Thomas on CBN's Christian World News program. He said that even though the Christian community is small, the good news is that more Muslims are coming to Christ so the church may indeed be growing.

With his wife, JoAnn, he is co-author of the book: "Woman Who Risk: Secret Agents for Jesus in the Muslim World."

During the Pope's whirlwind visit to Iraq, he called on Christians to forgive ISIS and others who persecuted them. Doyle said that's a difficult task, but those who are able to do so find a blessing.

The pope’s visit stirred the hopes of Christians who for years have suffered at the hands of Islamic groups like the Islamic state. 

Pope Francis traveled throughout Iraq from Baghdad in the south to Erbil, Mosul, and Qaraqosh in the north. To Christians who faced the worst persecution at the hands of ISIS, he brought a message of hope. 

In one of his messages, he said, "Certainly, there will be moments when faith can waiver when it seems that God does not see or act. this was true for you in the darkest days of the war, and it is true too in these days of global health crisis and great insecurity. at times like these, remember that Jesus is by your side. Do not stop dreaming. Do not give up. Do not lose hope."

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The pope came despite the dangers.  For Lubna Georgis, a Christian from Mosul, it was an encouragement.  “We are not scared because Pope Francis was not afraid and he did not want to let down the Iraqi people.” 

Many Iraqi Christians lost homes or fled when ISIS swept throughout the land and since the Iraq war, the number of Christians has dropped dramatically in Iraq from over one million to now about 250,000. 

It’s the hope of many that the pope’s visit will help preserve the church in this troubled land.  

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