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Firebird: Israeli Parks Authority Finds Dead Terror Falcon Wired to Flammable Material

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JERUSALEM, Israel – Israel's Nature and Parks Authority (INPA) staff reported finding a dead kestrel (falcon) hanging by a wire from a burned tree. They were putting out a fire in a national park when they discovered the bird.
On closer examination, they found the bird fitted with a harness attached by wire to flammable material.

INPA staff found the kestrel falcon hanging in a tree, Photo, GPO
The INPA said the incident "marks the first time an animal has been used to ignite fires," adding that they're considering filing a complaint under international treaties that prohibit the use of animals for terrorism.

About 2,500 acres of nature reserves and national parks have been set on fire by Gaza terrorists launching incendiary kites from the Gaza Strip.
The report said this type of falcon neared extinction in the 1960s from "initiated poisoning," but today they number in the thousands.
During the Second Intifada (armed Palestinian uprising), terrorists in the Gaza Strip attached explosives to donkeys, horses and dogs, detonating them when the animal neared IDF troops. They've also packed bombs in donkey carts.
Monday's incident prompted one Israeli to ask, "Is there no end to the cruel schemes?"

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