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'Find Your Weigh': A New Approach to Lasting Weight Loss

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Losing weight is one of the most popular of new year's resolutions people make. Most of us start off well but sometimes falter after a few weeks.

Shellie Bowdoin, the author of Find Your Weigh says she's struggled most of her adult life with taking off the pounds and then putting them back on. 

Bowdoin goes even so far as to say short-term fixes like diets just don't work. 

"We look at dieting as something we can accomplish through a few weeks of deprivation, a few weeks of cutting out things in our lives, and, what ends up happening is we get to a goal and we're happy and we're excited," Bowdoin explained.  "We get a few "you look great" comments and next thing you know, nothing has changed because we go right back to the same habits and the same mindset we had before we started dieting and that is just counterproductive. It doesn't work. It didn't work for me."

Bowdoin believes God has taken her on a journey to figure out her struggle with weight had to be handled differently. 

She says it is about renewing your mind and walking in freedom when it comes to your weight and health.

She says we "divorce" God from our weight-loss. "I think we are missing a very vital element as Christians that God desires to speak strength into our weakness - and for many of us that weakness is food."

She says in scripture we always see the Lord getting to the heart of the matter with us and making us answer the "why" question. 

"I believe that is what scripture always takes us back to... Try to figure out what you actually believe about food. Why are we struggling? What do we expect from food?"

Bowdoin says then God can speak to the deeper issue with us and address it - helping us overcome and keep the weight off.

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