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Every Abortion Clinic in US to Receive 'Unplanned' Movie DVD: Find Out How to Get Your Copy

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The pro-life motion picture "Unplanned" will be released on DVD, Blu-ray and in digital formats on Tuesday, and Abby Johnson, the woman whose true transformational story is the subject of the movie, is taking advantage of the event by sending a DVD to every abortion clinic in the nation.

"Unplanned" is the true story of former Planned Parenthood clinic director Johnson, which debuted in United States theaters on March 29. The movie is currently screening in theaters around the world.  

The film is the dramatic account of Johnson's rise in the abortion provider's organization. In eight years, she rose from college volunteer to one of the youngest clinic directors, to Employee of the Year - then she assisted with an abortion. The inspiring film traces Johnson's journey from staunch abortion advocate to standing side-by-side with the people who prayed for her spiritual transformation and facing the full, head-on attack of one of the most powerful organizations on Earth.

According to And Then There Were None, Johnson's ministry which helped more than 525 abortion workers to leave their jobs, 800 abortion clinics across the country will each receive a copy of the film.

"When former abortion workers who came through And Then There Were None first saw the movie, they overwhelmingly said how much the story reflected their own experiences. These former workers stated that they felt validated in what they had experienced and seen inside the abortion industry," Johnson said in a press release. "While the film isn't easy to watch, I want everyone working in the abortion industry to see it and to know there is a lifeline to get out."

The "Unplanned" DVD and Blu-ray includes interviews with Johnson, a making-of featurette, deleted scenes and trailers, and Matthew West's "Unplanned's" official music video. 

"Anyone who has had an abortion, is contemplating an abortion or works in the abortion industry, I encourage you to see "Unplanned," Johnson said. "Supporters of abortion who watch this movie cannot walk away without explicitly knowing what they support." 

Order your copy of the "Unplanned" DVD -- click here. 

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