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Evangelical Leaders Joel Rosenberg, Johnnie Moore, Michele Bachmann Meet with Egypt's President

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Watch CBN Middle East Bureau Chief Chris Mitchell from Cairo to find out more about this historic meeting with Egypt's President al-Sisi.

A group of U.S. evangelicals on a tour of the Middle East met with Egyptian government officials Wednesday. 

Joel Rosenberg, Johnnie Moore, and Michele Bachmann are among the group who met with Egypt's president Abdel Fatah al-Sisi, General Intelligence Services Chief Khalid Fawzi and Rev. Andrea Zaki, the president of the Protestant community in Egypt.

Al-Sisi began the meeting by expressing his condolences to the delegation for the victims killed in Tuesday's terrorist attack in New York City.

The Egyptian president told the group that his nation is interested in strengthening communication and understanding with American society in order to better address the challenges facing both countries.

Al-Sisi also stressed Egypt's openness and tolerance of all religions. He also noted his country's determination to uphold the principles of citizenship, equality and non-discrimination among all of its citizens. 

The leaders of the American delegation likewise expressed their appreciation to the Egypt's leaders and its citizens, hailing the country as a cornerstone of stability and moderation in the Middle East. 

They also expressed their solidarity with Egypt in the face of terrorism and discussed ways to combat it, including the international community's adoption of a multipronged strategy.

Author Joel Rosenberg told CBN News the meeting was unprecedented.

"This was an historic meeting that I believe is setting into motion an historic relationship between an Arab Muslim leader and the Evangelical Christian movement," said Rosenberg. "And I couldn't be more humbled and excited that it happened."

Source: Egypt Today

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