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'Duck Commander' Phil Robertson on 10 Lies the Devil Is Using to 'Destroy' America

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Phil Robertson and his wife Kay appeared on Tuesday's The 700 Club to talk about their lives, ducks and the release of Phil's new book.
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Phil Robertson, "The Duck Commander," has just released a new book titled The Theft of America's Soul: Blowing the Lid Off the Lies That Are Destroying Our Country.

Robertson, 72, is the co-owner of Louisiana's Duck Commander Company and the head of the duck calling Robertson family made famous on A & E's hit reality television series "Duck Dynasty" that's still in syndication.

"I decided from the very beginning that I would tell it like it is because I have not — and will not — be ashamed of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. God's truth is always right, and I'm very proud that this notable publication has accused me of preaching it," Robertson said in a press release. 

"And preach I will — more of it, and louder. That's exactly why I wrote The Theft of America's Soul to begin with. It is one long sermon from my heart to the soul of America," he continued. 

Robertson preaches like he's using a shotgun. In his book, Robertson blasts way at some of the "lies" being spread throughout our culture. The book exposes what he says are 10 essential deceptions and schemes being used by the devil to "steal, kill and destroy America's soul."  

Robertson told The Christian Post in a recent interview he fears that United States — as it backs away from its founding on "Judeo-Christian principles"— will one day dissolve because God could leave the country to wallow in its own wickedness.

"I hope America won't be like the Roman Empire," Robertson said as he proceeded to quote : "Since they did not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, God gave them over to a depraved mind to do what ought not to be done."

Robertson told the CP the idea of the book is simple: to get people to embrace living a godly life and to get them to love God and love their neighbor.

"You go out and get a job and you work and you feed your family. You are the father and you have a mother and you raise your children and you teach them, correct them and rebuke them and train them," said Robertson after noting how millions of Americans are suffering from some type of drug addiction that has left them hopeless.

"We have lost that in America across the board and we are looking at the results of it. I am just trying to remind people that if we keep this up, this whole things is going to fall down upon us," he said.

The 10 "lies" highlighted in the book are: 

  • God is dead
  • There is no devil
  • The truth is relative
  • God did not create life
  • Sex is for self-gratification
  • Virtue is outdated
  • Laws can be ignored or changed if they are inconvenient
  • Unity is not possible
  • Church participation and day-to-day life should be kept separate
  • Christians should shut their traps

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