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From Dr. Dobson to David Jeremiah, Christian & Jewish Leaders Offer Thanksgiving

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A number of top ministry leaders are offering words of gratitude to God during this Thanksgiving season. From Evangelist Greg Laurie to Dr. James Dobson, they're fixing their focus on the Almighty, and their words ring true for all of us. Happy Thanksgiving!

"Giving all glory, honor, and praise this Thanksgiving to the One from whom all blessings flow. May we never cease to be amazed at the constant love and kindness of our Heavenly Father." - Dr. David Jeremiah, Turning Point Radio and Television Ministries 

"Today I'm thanking the God who blesses us beyond our wildest dreams each and every day. He alone is the source of all victory, deserving our gratitude today and every day." - Pastor Matthew Barnett, The Dream Center

"Let's give thanks today, not just for what we've been given, but for the Giver himself. He is the sovereign ruler of our world, and yet he is gracious and kind and overflowing with love for his children. It's this great truth that makes me thankful both now and for eternity." - Pastor Ray Bentley, Maranatha Chapel

"Sending a Thanksgiving Day blessing to my dear friends in the U.S. We are so grateful for your friendship and support for the people of Israel. Praise God for He is good! America, be blessed today!" - Yael Eckstein, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

"My prayer this Thanksgiving is for each of us to set aside divisions and reflect with grateful hearts on what we have in common. The truth is that despite being physically together for the holidays, families often are anything but 'together.' Old fights, grudges, hurts — even politics — put distance between many of us and our families. Yet, as followers of Jesus, we are called to a ministry of reconciliation, and that ministry can begin at a Thanksgiving table. If we do so then I know the many blessings we have in this country will come into clear focus, humbling us to pursue again in love one of the most basic Thanksgiving blessings — togetherness as one American family." - Evangelist Nick Hall, PULSE

"Thanksgiving is a day that was established by our government for Americans to give thanks to God almighty for his favor upon our nation. Yet it seems like we have forgotten this. We go from Halloween straight to Christmas and altogether skip Thanksgiving. We need to remember how important it is to give thanks to God — not just on Thanksgiving Day but on every day. The Bible says, "Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good! His faithful love endures forever" ( ). We know life is not always good, and sometimes bad things happen, but God is still good. If you have breath in your lungs, a roof over your head and food at your table, you have something to be thankful for. Don't forget to thank God for his blessings." - Pastor Greg Laurie, Harvest Christian Fellowship

"Researchers tell us that gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. When you think about it, thanksgiving to God overcomes anything toxic in our lives—any negative kinds of thinking. Even in the worst of circumstances, we can always be thankful. So at this time of the year, let's always remember to give thanks, and to live our thanksgiving every single day. As we live out this truth of Thanksgiving, our lives will be better." - Pastor Jack Graham, Prestonwood Baptist Church

"I'd like to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving. says, 'I will give thanks to the Lord with my whole heart; I will recount all of your wonderful deeds.' As we gather with friends and family during this Thanksgiving season and praise God for the wonderful things He has done in our lives, let us also remember to thank Him for the family of God scattered around the world, many of whom are enduring incredible difficulties and hardships because of their faith. Let us also give thanks for the miraculous ways He is drawing people from many nations to share in the hope of His incredible love. May the Lord bless you." - Dr. K.P Yohannan, Gospel for Asia

"Never in the history of the world has a nation been so blessed as we. As you gather with your families "from sea to shining sea," remember to tell your children again about the sacrifices made by the Pilgrims who helped pass along the freedoms we enjoy today. And may we be eternally grateful for the men and women who gave their very lives on battlefields and on ships far from home that we might conquer tyrants and dictators who would have enslaved us. As we bow our heads in humble gratitude this Thanksgiving, we must never forget the legacy that was handed down to our generation and those yet to come." - Dr. James Dobson, Family Talk

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