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Denzel Washington Recalls the Day He Was Filled with the Holy Spirit and the Prophecy That's Been Fulfilled Over His Life

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During a candid interview on Instagram with Pastor AR Bernard, actor Denzel Washington opened up about his spiritual journey and what he's learned along the way, recalling the moment he was baptized in the Holy Spirit and a prophecy that was spoken over his life when he had just been kicked out of college.

Washington is well-known for playing the role of Malcolm X - a biographical film that relates to the current racial tensions in our country.

While preparing for the movie, the actor explained that he wanted to send the right message by staying focused on being spiritually connected with Christ.

"I work from the inside out. I didn't worry about the historical context. My focus wasn't on the things that you would see me do or what might perceive of the film or my performance. My concern was with the inside...making sure I had the right spirit, that I was going to be about God's business and not just Malcolm X's business."


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The actor revealed that earlier in life he had given his soul to Christ several times, but it would take even more time for him to fully understand the magnitude of that conviction.

"Three times...I think we all go through that. I was filled with the Holy Ghost and it scared me," he said. "I didn't want to go this deep...I want to party. It was a supernatural, once in this lifetime experience that I couldn't completely understand at the time."

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Washington also recalled the time a prophetic word was spoken over his life during a visit to his mother's beauty shop. 

"Ruth Green was known to have the gift of prophecy. She lived in Mt. Vernon where I grew up and my mother did her hair. So she was in the beauty shop when I was sitting in there having been kicked out of school, out of college," Washington said. "And she said 'boy you're gonna travel the world and preach to millions of people.'"

He didn't have much hope for reaching millions of people at the time, but he has seen the fulfillment of that prophecy since then, having the opportunity to share his beliefs in multiple events in person and online.

"When I look at it now... what she said has come to pass," he said.

Despite feeling a spiritual presence on several different occasions, Washington wasn't ready to live a Christ-centered life.

"I accepted it and definitely experienced it, but I wasn't ready to live it."

He recalled a time when his mother told him to "do good the right way."

"She said, 'You can't buy your way into heaven.' I'm a giver and always have been. But, I never forgot that and I knew on my journey that I wasn't where I needed to be yet, but I was on the right track," he explained.

Washington attributes his success to the prayers that have come from so many throughout his life.

"I have been prayed for and supported by many people, but specifically my mother and my wife now and for a long time," he said. "I've been protected. There's been a hedge around me and a legion of prayer."

The actor confessed that he is overjoyed for his son John David's acting success, but more specifically the role model he's become for his siblings.

"He's a very talented and spiritual young man and we're happy about his success, but we're equally as happy about the example he's setting for his brothers and sisters as a man of God....being an example for them and being unashamed."

He concluded the interview by highlighting the internal accomplishments he has gained during his life, instead of the money and fame. 

"You go through what you think is going to make you happy in search of what actually will and each person's journey is different. We've been blessed with everything you can have materially, but that doesn't do it. We've been blessed with health and a loving family....those are the important things for me," Washington said.

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