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Church of England to 'Baptize' People into New Genders?


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The Church of England could possibly implement a new baptism ceremony that would celebrate transgender Christians who change their biological sex.

Vicars would essentially host a "baptism-style" service that would honor each transgender person's new identity, according to the Daily Mail. 

Church leaders plan on discussing this controversial move at the General Synod meeting in July. There they will also vote on whether clergy should teach that marriage is between one man and one woman. 

The notion has sparked serious debate 

"Trans people feel powerfully called to be recognized in their 'chosen' name," the Church's most senior transgender priest, Rev. Rachel Mann, told ChristianToday. "An opportunity to be publicly introduced to God is therefore significant. I think this is what the proposed liturgy aims to do. It will be symbolically powerful." 

Supporters believe these transgender baptisms are important to heal the relationship between the LGBTQ communitty and the church. 

However, critics don't believe transgender 'baptism' is the way to bring about such healing. 

'We are sensitive to people who feel uncomfortable with their sex, but Christian teaching is that God made us man and woman," said Conservative Synod member Andrea Williams and director of Christian Concern. 

"It is unclear why we are even debating this issue," she added. 

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