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Christian Comedian John Crist Highlights How Awkward Bringing a Date to Church Can Be

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Church is an important part of any successful Christian relationship, but taking a first date isn't always as easy as it seems. 

Christian comedian John Crist is going viral for poking fun at the awkward moments new couples may experience at church. 

His sketch called "HONEST THOUGHTS: Taking a Date to Church" has already hit million views on Facebook since being posted last week. 

Click below to watch the full video:

Christ told CBN's Studio 5 earlier this year how fun it is when Christians learn to laugh at themselves sometimes. 

"I feel like if there is any ribbing or maybe roasting of the church or Christian culture, I like to say, 'It's not me pointing at you guys, it's me shining a mirror at us. I'm in the front of it, look at us,'" Crist said. 

 "A lot of times it comes off as if someone is making a joke about Christianity in the public forum, whether it be on social media...And I'm kind of like, 'Hey I'm with you. I grew up here, I love Jesus, I think the local church is our only hope. That being said, we do some weird stuff.'"

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