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Chinese Government Cracks Down on all Religious Material in Churches, Must be Approved by Communist Regime

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The Chinese government continues its relentless attack against Christians by forcing them to abandon their faith and beliefs.

Bitter Winter reports that the communist regime has started inspecting books, photo albums, newspapers, and literature printed by churches in an effort to further regulate religious affairs.

Articles published by a church must have permission from specific institutions that are responsible for religious publications in order to be printed and their distribution is limited to a certain amount of people.

Last month, government officials in Ganzhou's Zhanggong district examined all the literature in one local church and insisted that only Bibles published by the two Chinese Christian Councils were acceptable.

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The officials threatened to close the church if any other publications even children's homework books were found.

"It's illegal for them to do so, but they can do as they please because China is the land of the Communist Party," one church member said.

A Religious Affairs Bureau insider told Bitter Winter that "Even materials printed for personal use are purged. It's even illegal to print out unofficial Bibles downloaded from the internet."

CBN News previously reported that the government is forcing churches and households to replace crosses, religious symbols, and images of Jesus with portraits of China's communist leaders Xi and Mao. 

And nearly 250 crosses were removed from church buildings in just one province earlier this year. 

"We support the state and comply with its regulations," a church member said. "We can have a dialogue with the government if it thinks that we have done something wrong, but they can't persecute us this way." 

"As crosses are being removed throughout the country, those who refuse to cooperate will be accused of opposing the Communist Party," the Christian added. "We are pressured to give up our faith, but we will persevere." 

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