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'Children Are a Gift from God': Why Actress Sam Sorbo Is Asking Parents to Home Educate, Not Homeschool

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Actress Sam Sorbo provided her children with a home education and believes it is essential to building strong morals and values - something that public schools are failing to facilitate.

During an interview with The Christian Post, Sorbo explained why she advocates for home education and the difference it can make in a child's character development.

"We need to be teaching children that there is good and evil, right and wrong and that they should aspire to things outside themselves," she said. "Godly values and moral instruction can do that. God is Truth. He is the Word. Logos. Any school that refuses to teach my child the truth is a school willing to lie to my child."

She stated that public schools teach about "evolution and survival of the fittest. Public education denies the moral good."

The actress, who has written a number of books on homeschooling and parenting, described the difference between homeschool and a home education.

"The thing that people have to realize is there's homeschooling and there's home education," Sorbo asserted. "Homeschooling is best described as doing homework with your child that he or she is assigned by a school teacher. Home education is parent-led learning. The goal of a home educator is to instill and cultivate a love for learning that will last a lifetime."

And Sorbo doesn't necessarily agree with online learning, which she believes has become "a replacement for in-person instruction."

She said the idea of children staring at a computer screen for several hours each day deprives them of engagement and direct contact with an educator.

"If I were parenting young children right now, I would not want my child to be sitting in front of a computer screen several hours of the day," Sorbo said. "I would take this opportunity to expand my provincial views on education that I inherited from a system in which I grew up and seek to offer my children a wider range of options for their education."

And she emphasized why love plays a central role in learning.

"Love opens the heart, and the heart opens the mind," Sorbo said. "That is, in part, why Jesus showed love to the world. If He showed anything else, what would we possibly have learned from Him?"

"We must love our children. That's why it is so important to cultivate a strong relationship with them and not allow external institutions to interfere with that relationship."

Sorbo's latest book, Teach From Love aims to reconnect people "to the godly values with which they were raised and on which this nation, and the future of this nation and its people, rests."

"I am here to tell you, you are perfectly qualified to teach your child. Children are a gift from God. Why would you send a gift away for someone else to open? And if it's a question of any particular subject matter, understand all the teaching is in the textbook," she concluded.

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