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Bieber's Mom Testifies How the Singer's Life was Marked by God Early On

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TORONTO—Justin Bieber's mother, Pattie Mallette, recently testified about the spiritual side of Bieber's birth and his early years at a conference called Light the Fire Again.

Standing alongside Toronto pastors John and Carol Arnott, Mallette told the crowd that as a young lady she almost committed suicide, but decided to live.

A few months later she found herself pregnant and unmarried and decided she'd botched trying to lead her own life. So she rededicated her life to God but feared judgment from the church.

"I said, 'Oh my gosh, I took my life back in my own hands and look what I did,'" Mallette said. "I was so ashamed. How could I go back to the church pregnant and unwed and so full of shame?"

Mallette was involved with the Arnott's church where the Toronto Blessing revival broke out in 1994. She talked about how the Arnotts taught Mallette's fellow Christians how to treat her.

"And you taught them to love me, to pick me up and love me where I was at," Mallette said to the couple. She remembered what they taught her as well: "'When you fall down, you get up and you keep on going.'"

Mallette was at a home for pregnant unwed mothers when she started attending the Toronto Blessing meetings.

"I remember a whole bunch of leaders praying over me, filled with the Spirit and prophesying that I was going to birth revival," she recalled.

After Justin was born, Mallette was taking him to the church the Arnotts had established in Stratford, Ontario.

"We dedicated his life to Jesus," she said of that congregation. She also took him at least once a year to the Toronto Blessing revival meetings, held at the church where the Light the Fire Again conference just happened.

Mallette recalled the time Bieber went with a youth group when he was still unknown, saying, "I remember he came here; he was 12, right before Justin Bieber became 'JUSTIN BIEBER.'"

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She went on, "The 20-somethings picked him up. There was like 5,000 people here. And they picked him up as a sign to upholding the next generation.  And they marched him around the room. And they had no idea what God was going to do."

Mallette mentioned another time when she fell to the floor at the Toronto Blessing under the power of the Holy Spirit and was crying out to God that, as she put it, "We would take back the arts.  We would back the arts.  We would take back the arts!"

She said she heard the Lord say to her, "'You guys have done it your way long enough. Move over. It's My turn. I'm going to show you guys how's it done.'"

John Arnott then pointed out how in recent months Justin Bieber has been tweeting out to his tens of millions of followers about how Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Mallette replied of Bieber, "So many say the name of God, and they say, 'Thank God, thank God,' but he says, 'Jesus loves you.  Jesus, Jesus.'   And his Jewish manager — God bless him; he's amazing — but he would say, 'You know, not everyone can relate; maybe say just 'God bless you, God loves you.'"

But Mallette said Beiber told his manager, "'No. You guys have died for your faith. I would die for mine. It has to be Jesus.'"

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