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Barbaric Third Trimester Abortion Described In Undercover Call


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In a chilling undercover phone call, an abortion clinic worker tells the mother of an unborn child that she can, indeed, terminate the life of that child at 30 weeks into her pregnancy simply because the mother views the child as an inconvenience. Human gestation is 40 weeks, but babies can live on their own, outside the womb, as early as 23 weeks gestation. 

The abortion clinic worker then describes the horrific procedure. To cap it off, the two agree taxpayer dollars will pay for it under New Mexico Medicaid. 

Click here to listen to the undercover phone call.

The phone call was released by the groups Priests for Life and Abortion Free New Mexico to illustrate third trimester abortions are being performed, and paid for by tax dollars, for reasons other than the health of the mother, rape or incest. Even people who favor abortion in the early stages of pregnancy oppose it in the third trimester except under extreme circumstances.

In the undercover phone call to Southwestern Women's Options, New Mexico pro-life activist Tara Shaver poses as the pregnant woman, saying she already has two children and that her husband recently lost his job. She said the reason she wants an abortion in the third trimester is because, "life happens." She explained that giving birth to a third child would be too expensive and a strain on the marriage. 

The abortion worker asks the mother a series of questions and determines neither the mother nor the baby has any health issues, and that the mother has even been keeping up with her prenatal visits. 

The worker asks the mother to wait a moment while a doctor is consulted about whether this abortion can be performed at their facility. Moments later the worker returns and informs the mother the doctor approved the procedure.

She then tells the mother how it would happen. She says the mother would have to come to the Albuquerque clinic for five days. To start things off, they would kill the child in her womb. "We will euthanize the fetus on the first day," she said.

Then she said the next day the mother would be given drugs to force her into labor, and she would actually go through the entire childbirth process and deliver the baby she had killed the day before. 

"We dilate the cervix and then we induce labor," the abortion clinic worker explained, "So you will be going through the act of labor and delivery of a stillborn fetus."

She said the mother would need to remain under medical observation for a couple more days to recover from the ordeal. 

Tara Shaver said the undercover call reveals that, "The myth that late-term abortions only occur when a woman's life is at risk or when the baby has been diagnosed with an anomaly could not be farther from the truth. Our latest call dispels this myth with proof that in New Mexico late-term abortions are easy to come by."

She adds, "New Mexicans deserve to hear the truth about the evil that is occurring in our state and our leaders must work to change the fact that New Mexico is the late-term abortion capital of the country."

In a previous undercover call, Ms. Shaver told Southwestern Women's Options that she was 33 weeks pregnant with a Down syndrome baby. The woman who answered the phone assured her that she would be able to abort her child and have Medicaid pick up the tab.

Father Frank Pavone, a member of the organization Priests for Life, noted that the majority of Americans do not support late-term abortion and do not want taxpayer money funding used to kill fully developed, well-past-viability children.

"Every abortion is an outrage, and we need to protect every baby," Pavone said. "To educate our fellow citizens, let's start with the most obvious and outrageous part of the story: Taxpayer-funded third-trimester abortions of healthy babies carried by healthy mothers."

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