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Rosenberg's Latest Thriller Novel, 'The Libyan Diversion,' Delves into Terror Threat at U.S.-Mexico Border

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JERUSALEM, Israel – Author Joel Rosenberg's novels burst onto the political thriller scene more than 20 years ago. Two decades, and more than a dozen novels later, Rosenberg is still thrilling readers with his latest release, The Libyan Diversion.

The New York Times best-selling author's latest novel follows the adventures of C.I.A. operative Marcus Ryker as he hunts down one of the world's most dangerous terrorist groups.

The stakes are enormous as the head of the terror group known as "The Libyan," plans the most daring attack on U.S. soil since 9/11.

While Rosenberg's thrillers entertain, they also examine and raise critical questions about U.S. national security.

In this book, those concerns include America's porous southern border, the growing alliance involving Russia, Iran, and Turkey, and American enemies expanding the distribution of weapons of mass destruction.

Rosenberg takes his readers on a literary roller coaster ride – one he hopes and prays will never come to pass.

ABOVE: Author Joel Rosenberg appeared on Tuesday's The 700 Club live from CBN's Jerusalem Bureau to talk about his latest novel with Gordon Robertson. 

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