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'Gaza's Bin Laden': Netanyahu Calls Hamas Leader in Gaza 'a Dead Man Walking'

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SOUTHERN ISRAEL – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel's most wanted terrorist, the leader of Hamas in Gaza, is a "dead man walking."

Also known as "Gaza's bin laden," Yahya Sinwar is the "monster" mind behind the October 7th massacre. He's now at the top of Israel's kill list.

Nine days after Hamas' terror invasion, the IDF put out a video declaring Sinwar Israel's most wanted man. The video states, "A murderer and terrorist notoriously wanted by Israel security forces. Yayha Sinwar is the leader of the Hamas terrorist organization in Gaza."

"The IDF considers him, Yahya Sinwar, a direct enemy of the State of Israel and his genocidal terrorist organization Hamas is a threat to the entire world."

In 2015, the State Department designated Sinwar as a terrorist. Two years later he became chief of Hamas in Gaza. Israel says Sinwar has repeatedly called for the death of Israelis, and video evidence proves it.

"Our people will attack all communities at once... Each one of them will pick up a knife to stab an Israeli. Take his car to run over them or throw a Molotov cocktail that will burn your hearts," Sinwar said in a Hamas terrorist video.

Days after the October 7th attacks, Israel put Sinwar on a kill list, accusing him of masterminding the attacks.

Israel's Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant said, "The Hamas terrorist organization has no boundaries – Israel's citizens witnessed this firsthand on October 7th when they saw the murders, abuse, brutality, rape, kidnapping and other atrocities conducted by the terrorists. Hamas leadership is responsible for this and we will get to them. We will get to Yahya Sinwar and we will eliminate him."

Israel's defense minister has told Gazans that if they want the war to end soon they should help find and kill the vicious 61-year-old Palestinian terrorist.

Hamas, an Iranian proxy terror group, sent thousands of its fighters across the Gaza border on that Saturday one month ago, storming over 20 towns and villages here in southern Israel and killing over 1,400 people – mostly civilians.

Days later, Israel launched Operation Swords of Iron, vowing to eliminate the terror group from the coastal enclave.

Gallant said, "One thing I can say to the citizens of Israel – at the end of the war, there will no longer be Hamas in Gaza, there will be no security threat from the Gaza Strip to Israel, and Israel will have complete freedom of action to carry out any security actions it needs against anyone who threatens us."

This week, Netanyahu compared Sinwar to Hitler, accusing him of hiding in a bunker while his people in Gaza suffer.
Gallant said, "Yahya Sinwar hides in his bunker and lets the Hamas field commanders die in the field. In our forces, our commanders head to the frontline, leading their troops, charging forward and making real achievements in the field." 

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