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Biden Criticizes Netanyahu's Handling of Gaza War, Knesset Member Warns Ceasefire Push a 'Suicide Pact'

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JERUSALEM, Israel – Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated Tuesday that Israel will invade Rafah, despite international objections.

Many in Israel believe the nation's future depends on what happens with the remaining Hamas battalions in Gaza.

President Biden told Univision that Netanyahu's handling of the war is a mistake. He also said Israel should call a ceasefire, but did not link it to the release of hostages held by Hamas.

"What I'm calling for is Israelis to call for a ceasefire to allow for next six to eight weeks total access to all food and medicine going into the country," Biden stated.

Netanyahu told a group of new army recruits what Israel will do.

"We will complete the elimination of the Hamas battalions, including in Rafah. There is no force in the world that will stop us. There are many factors trying to do this, but it will not help, because this enemy, after what he has done, will not do it again," he asserted

Netanyahu said Monday Israel has set a date for the invasion.

Despite reports that Defense Minister Yoav Gallant contradicted Netanyahu, CBN News has learned that Gallant only clarified that the date is dependent on both humanitarian and operational preparations. 

Yet, the U.S. continues to insist an invasion of Rafah will be a mistake. Simcha Rothman, a key member of the Netanyahu coalition, warned on Israel's Arutz Sheva what will happen if Israel doesn't defeat Hamas.

“Our friends from all around the world need to understand that any pressure on Israel to stop the war is actually pressure to make Israel sign a suicide pact," Rothman stated.

He added that Israel's enemies in the region would be emboldened if Israel isn't victorious over Hamas.

slider img 2The Gaza war has fueled the accusation around the world that Israel is committing genocide. On Capitol Hill, U.S. Senator Tom Cotton (R-Arkansas) asked Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin about that charge.

“I want to address what the protestors raised earlier, Is Israel committing genocide in Gaza?, Cotton asked.

Austin replied, "Senator Cotton, we don’t have any evidence of genocide being created."

Down the street at the White House, family members of American hostages held by Hamas met with Vice President Kamala Harris.

Jonathan Dekel-Chen, the father of one of the American captives, declared, "We have heard that there is a deal on the table right now that all of the parties agree to, and are willing to work with. We are waiting now, and the world waits for Hamas to get to 'yes.' It is in their court. There is no reason not to move forward on this deal.”

The current proposed deal, reportedly rejected by Hamas, would include a six-week ceasefire and an exchange of 40 hostages for at least 700 Palestinians in prison, many convicted of terror attacks.

Gil Hoffman, executive director of Honest Reporting, told CBN News Israelis are praying for a Passover miracle. 

“We are all praying and we appreciate the prayers of Christian supporters of Israel around the world for our hostages to come home ahead of the Passover holiday.  To be redeemed with their families at the Passover Seder table.  We need a miracle and for that, we need prayer.” 

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