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Amid Morocco Devastation, Operation Blessing Already Helping Stricken Residents

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MARRAKESH, Morocco – Moroccans are still reeling from a massive nearly magnitude 7 earthquake that hit the North African country on Friday. The earthquake destroyed buildings and left nearly 3,000 people dead with thousands more homeless.

CBN's Operation Blessing has been on the scene, doing what it can to help the survivors. 

Within hours of the earthquake, Operation Blessing's Diego Traverso and his team were in Morocco, distributing blankets, food, and bread to those left devastated by the event.

“Destruction is visible, Traverso said. "You see that towns – small towns – are completely down, like 200 houses totally down.” 

Traverso and other Operation Blessing personnel have arrived back in Marrakesh to gather more supplies to bring to villages in the mountains that have been ravaged by the earthquake.   

“Right now, we’re doing an assessment," he told us. "We’re trying to visit as many villages as we can to see how we can help long and mid-term. Right now, we’re burying some purchases. We’re working with the local church.” 

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Traverso believes the disaster is an opportunity to share the love of God.

“We want to be the light. We want to be the hands of mercy of Jesus in this place. We need favor with the locals, we need more contacts, and we need access, too, to get farther on the villages. There’s a lot of needs," he observed. "We need miracles happening, which is exciting, because we know that God is in action. It’s a movement and we want to be a part of it.” 

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