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'Totally God': Actor and 'Jesus Revolution' Producer Reveals How the Lord Made His 'Wildest Dreams' Come True

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It all started with a dream. That’s how actor and producer Kevin Downes described his fascinating, faith-filled journey into Hollywood.

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Downes, 51, who recently produced the hit film “Jesus Revolution,” told CBN’s “Faith vs. Culture” how he moved to Los Angeles 30 years ago and met fellow actor and Pure Flix founder David A.R. White at a Bible study.

“It seems like yesterday … sitting out in front of his house, we’re 21-year-old kids, and kind of looking up at the stars, talking, lamenting why we’re not getting enough auditions and this and that,” Downes said. “One day, I can remember the conversation. [We were saying], ‘One day, studios will be producing our movies or we’ll be producing movies for studios and they’ll release in theaters across the country.'”

Downes said this was a shared dream the two didn’t know how to see to fruition, but one they understood had been impressed on their hearts. Flashforward three decades, and Downes has been a successful actor and producer, with White launching Pure Flix and starring in scores of films.

“God figured out a way to make it happen,” Downes said. “I don’t think in either one of [our] wildest dreams, did we ever think it was possible to be at the scale that it currently is.”

The actor said the entire experience is “such a gift.”

“It’s such a blessing and totally God,” Downes said, citing the amazing audience reception to “Jesus Revolution,” a film he helped craft alongside the Erwin brothers (Christian filmmakers Jon and Andy Erwin).

He said he sees God in all of the incredible details, noting how he relied heavily on prayer throughout his journey of recognizing those dreams.

“If you think about it for a minute, these movies that we’re telling are … so God-centered … Jesus is all over them,” Downes said. “And to have Hollywood studios to finance them and … get behind the filmmakers in such a way that Lionsgate gets behind myself and John and Andy, and allows us to make the films that we want to make is just something that only God could open those doors.”

He continued, “I just feel like I’m the recipient of a true gift that God has given me in this time period.”

Downes said he’s intent on telling only the stories God wants him to tell, and he’s not interested in wasting time on projects outside of this purview.

“If [stories] they don’t impact people, then, in my opinion … it’s a waste of time,” he said.

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