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Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil (Photo by Gabriel Rissi/Unsplash)

A STUNNING SCENE: 'The Chosen' Projected Onto Iconic Christ the Redeemer Monument in Brazil

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The stars of “The Chosen” were welcomed to Rio de Janeiro with a stunning projection onto the famed Christ the Redeemer monument at the peak of Corcovado mountain.

It’s no wonder stars Jonathan Roumie (Jesus), Paras Patel (Matthew), and Lara Silva (Eden) were honored with the monumental projection at the end of their press tour in Brazil, given the South American country is the No. 2 market — after the U.S. — for the Bible-based series.

See the powerful projection onto the 124-foot statue:

The tribute to the series, launched in 2017 by showrunner Dallas Jenkins, was carried out in partnership with the Archdiocese of São Sebastião do Rio de Janeiro, according to a press release about the honor.

“A public display of affection for a nation who’s welcomed ‘The Chosen’ with open arms,” the show said in a statement posted to Instagram. “Fans in Brazil have blown us away — making ‘The Chosen’ [No. 2] in the box office over the weekend.”

Listen to them on the latest episode of “Quick Start”:

Several Christian artists have commented on the post, celebrating the milestone for the show.

Cristina Mel, a Brazilian singer-songwriter, wrote, “Brazil loves ‘The Chosen!’ What a beautiful scene at Corcovado!!! What a powerful instrument it is to share the Gospel throughout the countries all over the world. God bless all the staff (actors, directors, writers, cameramen…). We are looking forward to watching more episodes!”

Patel added, “Amazing!”

“Awe. Some,” commented Jenkins.

The Brazilian leg of the show’s season four tour comes as Jenkins announced in mid-March that the latest episodes of “The Chosen” won’t be available on the show’s native free streaming app for some time.

Due to financial constraints, CBN News reported, the show’s creators opted for a theatrical release for season four and is continuing that run before uploading the new episodes to the app.

CBN News’ Efrem Graham explained, “Going to the theater was not just, ‘We want more money.’ Be mindful that the money that’s made immediately goes back into production of the next season. This isn’t like a blockbuster film when you’re seeing that revenue come in opening weekend.”

In the meantime, Jenkins said, the series will be airing in prisons and churches will be permitted to hold free watch parties, so fans unable to pay the price at the box office can still enjoy the newest episodes.

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