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NFL Rookie Star CJ Stroud Responds After NBC Censors Jesus Comments Out of Clip

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The quarterback for the Houston Texans is speaking out after NBC censored the athlete’s comments about Jesus during a post-game interview.

C.J. Stroud, 22, gave “all glory to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ” at the start of the interview following the Texans’ victory over the Cleveland Browns.

Conservative activist Charlie Kirk posted a side-by-side of the original video and the clip aired by NBC.

In a separate interview with Complex, Stroud said he’s “not angry” about the censorship.

“I wish that it wasn’t that but, you know, I pray for people and I think God has called us to love one another through thick and thin, mistakes or success,” he said. “I just want to show love. We’re not all perfect as people, even myself. I follow the Lord, but I’m not perfect and I try to just be that light in a dark time.”

“I think God has called us to really just be a light to one another and just show love,” Stroud added. “I just pray for people and I don’t have any ill will or any anger to that. I wish that it wasn’t that, but, I’m just being myself always. I grew up in the church and I found Christ in myself and I’m just trying to get better and I just want people to feel the love that I felt from God. So, I don’t feel any ill will about it, it’s all love.”

Listen to them on the latest episode of “Quick Start”:

Donovan McNabb, who spent most of his NFL career with the Philadelphia Eagles, described NBC’s censorship as “lame” and “disrespectful.”

The professional athlete said on his OutKick podcast “The Five Spot” that NBC should “go back … and evaluate themselves.”

“You’re a media outlet that’s supposed to express and show and display what these young men are all about,” he said. “This is their opportunity — and their platform to be able to step on stage and tell people and show people what type of individual they are, and C.J. Stroud is doing that.”

McNabb added, “That’s why you hear a lot of athletes say, ‘I can use my platform to reach out to millions of people.’ They [NBC] have to get this thing corrected because that’s definitely not the direction it needs to be going in at this point.”

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