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News Anchor Pete Hegseth Prays and Proclaims the Name of Jesus on National TV

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Fox News host Pete Hegseth recently asked “Fox & Friends” viewers — and his cohosts — to bow their heads in prayer for a Bible-app-sponsored segment.

Before turning to prayer, Hegseth said, “You know what, this is a transition for transitions if you’ve ever had one.”

Listen to them on the latest episode of “Quick Start”:

At that point, his cohost Rachel Campos-Duffy interjected, saying it’s “so ‘Fox & Friends'” to pray on Live television. He replied, “This is very ‘Fox & Friends,’ so ready your heart."

“It’s the fifth Sunday of Lent, and our prayer series continues with the reading of prayer from the Hallow app,” Hegseth said on the secular news network, noting the network’s partnership with the Catholic prayer app. “We all need it; let’s do it this morning. Close your eyes. If you would, bow your head.”

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Hegseth then began to read a prayer displayed on-screen for viewers.

“Jesus, today we begin the holy period of passion tide,” Hegseth prayed. “In these last 2 weeks of Lent, help us understand the mystery of Your sacrifice and surrender, make us keenly aware of Your love for us. We ask that You make Yourself known to us, help us to feel the grace of Your presence.”

He went on to thank Jesus for the “selfless love You showed on the cross.”

“Amen,” said Campos-Duffy.

You can watch Hegseth’s prayer in the video below:

Hegseth, who is Christian, is comfortable speaking out about his faith.

In 2022, he worked on a special called “The Life of Jesus.” Speaking of the portion of the series focusing on the Christmas story, Hegseth told CBN News, “It’s a passion of mine to remind — first and foremost — myself, my family but, writ large, our culture of the reason for the season.”

“It’s the greatest story ever told, and we have the Scriptures,” the host continued. “The goal here to make it a little different was to take people to the places, because we know a lot more now than we did even 10 years ago or 20 years ago about where the events unfolded in the Gospels.”

We spoke with the creator of the Hallow app at the end of last year:

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