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Maverick City Music Pushes 'Pause' with Singer Dante Bowe over 'Inconsistent' Behavior

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Maverick City Music announced Monday night they will "pause" their relationship with singer Dante Bowe after a display of "inconsistent" behavior.

The worship collective has taken the Christian music industry by storm with songs like their Grammy-winning single "Jireh," and "Promises", which has 92 million views on YouTube.

Gospel singer Dante Bowe has been a part of the group since its inception in 2019, but on Tuesday they announced they were distancing themselves from Bowe, citing actions that contradict their values. 

"Due to behavior that is inconsistent with our core values and beliefs, we have decided to put a pause on our professional relationship with Dante Bowe," the statement read. "Decisions like these are not easy because of the level of nuance, both professionally and personally, but we felt it necessary to address." 

The group did not specify what exactly prompted the pause in their relationship.

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Bowe announced on his Instagram account Tuesday morning that he was going to take a social media hiatus and made his Instagram page private. 

"In light of recent events and opinions, I've talked to some of wisest leaders and brothers around me," he wrote. "I'll be taking time off social media to rest mentally and physically."

"Years ago, when I dreamt of all I would accomplish one day, I didn't account for the pressure and opinions that would come with it. It's important for everyone to know when to step back and refocus," he added. 

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Earlier this month, Bowe received some criticism on social media because of singing along to a song titled "Despues De La Playa" by Bad Bunny, which contains explicit lyrics. According to The Focus, Bowe shared the video to his Instagram account of he and his friends, including some Maverick City affiliates, partying on a bus.

Maverick City music followers called out the musician for singing a song with explicit  lyrics. 

Some fans are applauding the group's decision to publicly hold Bowe accountable, while others are criticizing it. 

"They didn't cancel Dante Bowe," one person tweeted. "Y'all only know acceptance and cancel culture. Taking corrections is far from y'all. This matter is proof."

"Maverick City handled the whole Dante Bowe situation well. A lot of things must have been happen behind the scenes that have pushed them to this decision," another person wrote. "Holding people accountable is needed."

"This Dante Bowe thing shows a lot of us have gotten so used to religious leaders not being held accountable when they fall short, that we see accountability as harsh or unloving. I feel Maverick City's statement came from a place of grace and love," another person tweeted.

Others felt it was unnecessary for the group to make a public statement. 

"I feel like Maverick City should've just kept what they have going on with Dante Bowe private instead of bringing more attention to it cause half of us didn't even know about the situation till they said something," a Twitter user wrote. 

"Just hoping Dante Bowe has someone around him who extends God's love & continuously reminds him that He is loved," one person wrote criticizing the collective's decision. "Public reprimand, humiliation, and shame are not easy & often feel isolating. So I hope he's surrounded by love. That's my prayer for him."

Maverick City Music is urging fans to continue to support Bowe. 

"Each of us needs God's grace and our hope is that we all pray and give him the same opportunity to grow in Christ as we give ourselves," said Maverick.

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