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'I'm a Warrior for Christ': Popular HGTV Host Opens Up About Her Faith in Jesus

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For Page Turner, home renovations are just a doorway to more meaningful restoration.

“It speaks to where we can find our lives sometimes,” Turner told CBN’s Faithwire of why she is passionate about the home renovations documented on “Fix My Flip,” her HGTV show now in its second season. “I’ve been in a stuck place before. … I just needed a helping hand, just somebody to show me the way, just a bridge to get across.”

“I’d dug holes for myself, and I just need[ed] help,” she added. “That’s what surrender is.”

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Turner, a Christian, is a real estate broker and professional home renovator. In her show, “Fix My Flip,” the design expert comes alongside people partway through renovations who are, for any number of reasons, stuck and unable to complete the jobs.

Having grown up in Southern California to an agnostic mother who embraced the New Age thinking of the 1960s, it wasn’t until Turner was 19 years old that a close friend invited her to a church service.

“I went Friday night three nights in a row and, that third Friday night, I gave my life to the Lord,” she recalled. “[I was] still unclear, not sure what that meant, but I knew that I had peace that I felt in that little, old, white-steeple church on the corner of La Brea and Adams, out here in Los Angeles … and I never turned back after I had that experience with God. I remember it so clearly.”

Knowing where she came from, Turner now wears her faith on her sleeve.

In the first episode of season two of “Fix My Flip,” Turner worked with father-daughter duo Juan and Allison, who was clearly struggling. In over her head, Allison was angry and taking out her frustration on Turner.

“When I first got there, she was hard to deal with,” Turner said of Allison. “[W]hen we were done with [a] scene, I took her outside and I said, ‘Can I talk to you? I know we just met, like, yesterday.’ And cameras are all around and that’s already intimidating enough. … And I said, ‘What else is going on? Because you are really upset, and it couldn’t just be toward me, because you invited me here.'”

“She broke down and cried,” the HGTV host continued, “and we prayed right there on the sidewalk, in front of all the people that have their own beliefs. We prayed right there and, after we prayed, I said, ‘Now, get it together so you don’t look crazy on national TV anymore, and let’s go back in.'”

Turner said it was apparent Allison was struggling with pent-up issues and finally reached a breakthrough “because of prayer and because she was willing to yield to trust the Holy Spirit was in me.”

On- and off-camera, Turner has come to realize her show is a “ministry” opportunity.

“I speak like this all the time,” she said. “People know that I’m a warrior for Christ. And sometimes, I’m just tired, like, ‘Lord, this war is hard to fight. Can I get a break? I just wanna go on vacation from the fight.’ … But my faith doesn’t get challenged; my response to the attacks is what is challenging — and me having to throw my faith back on top of it, like being able to recognize the spirit behind the man or woman that is, sometimes, full-out assaulting me spirit-wise … in this very secular world.”

“My faith is what’s kept me grounded,” Turner added, “with my blinders on and my eyes toward Christ at all times.”

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