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If You Missed 'The Chosen' Season 4 and Are Sad About the Streaming Delay, Here's Some Good News

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"The Chosen" Season 4 may not be coming out on streaming as quickly as many fans had hoped, but now it's returning to theaters for a limited time, right before Easter – and it's at a discount.

This is good news for "The Chosen" fans who learned last week that the series would need to delay its premiere on streaming platforms like "The Chosen" app or Angel Studios app. 

As CBN News reported, in a 16-minute video titled: "I've got bad news about Season 4's release," series producer Dallas Jenkins explained why season four of "The Chosen" was initially released in theaters, the monumental cost of producing the series, and upcoming plans for the show.

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"Our previous path wasn't proving to be sustainable," Jenkins said of the show's crowdfunding model. 

He explained how expensive the show is to create and bring to market while continuing to offer it to viewers for free. The cost is "tens of millions of dollars, minimum, every year."

Plus with three more seasons in the future, much of the money earned by the series has to go into funding the upcoming seasons.

Without going into excessive detail, the director also indicated current legal challenges are holding up the latest season's streaming release.

How to Catch Season 4 if You Missed It

"We wanted a way to bring you Season 4—all of it—for Easter. Unfortunately, as Dallas [Jenkins] recently explained, streaming isn't an option yet, so instead here's what we're thinking—movie marathon," the show's production team announced on social media. 

While fans wait for the streaming release, here's how the newly extended theatrical release of the latest season will roll out.

The groundbreaking historical drama will make episodes 1 to 3 will be available on Maundy Thursday, which is March 28.

Then, episodes episodes 4 to 6 will be in theaters on Good Friday, March 29, and episodes 7 to 8 on Holy Saturday, March 30.

Tickets will be available for all showings at a discounted rate of $30 at Cinemark theaters and or $27.50 at Marcus Theaters. 

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Bringing 'The Chosen' to 1 Billion People

Meanwhile, Jenkins did announce that the organization tasked with bringing "The Chosen" to one billion people will make season 4 available to inmates in prison and churches. 

Stan Jantz, chief executive officer of the Come and See Foundation, recently told CBN News his nonprofit's mission is to "support 'The Chosen,'" implementing a vision to bring "the authentic Jesus" to one billion people.

"We're seeing that this is a tool that they're using to engage these inmates and then, as chaplains, take them through that discipleship journey," he said. "We're thrilled."

Churches can also find out how they can bring season four to their congregations free of charge.

"One of our goals too is to keep this show free for all," Jantz said of any church or prison participating in this offer. "People can watch it and not have to pay for it."

Those who wish to access discount tickets to the Easter viewing of Season 4 can apply discount code THECHOSENSEASON4 to Fandango to get half-off ticket prices. 

"The Chosen" production team noted the discount code will work only one time and not for multiple purchases of tickets.

There are also a limited number of discount tickets, so the team asked for those who could afford it to purchase tickets at full price. 

You can check your local listings or find showtimes as for the extended theatrical release at

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