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'I Love America': Hollywood Actress Roma Downey's Incredible Path to the American Dream

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Actress Roma Downey’s career has been defined by major projects that have had a deep cultural impact. From her starring role in “Touched By an Angel” to her co-creation of “The Bible” series, Downey has always sought to focus on faith, family, and positivity.

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That quest continues with her new children’s book, “A Message in the Moon,” a deeply personal project predicated on her childhood. While recently telling CBN News about the effort, Downey, who was born in Ireland and later immigrated to the U.S., also talked about her love of prayer and gratitude for America.

“They say, ‘You can take the girl out of Ireland, but you can’t take Ireland out of the girl,'” she said. “And I think that’s true, but I love America, and America has been so good to me.”

Downey continued, “I’m so incredibly grateful to this country. My children are all American-born and my husband and I are both American citizens. We make our home between Southern California and the great state of Utah.”

This isn’t the first time the actress has addressed her love for America.

Downey and her husband, famed TV producer Mark Burnett, spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast in 2016, sharing additional details about their path to America and recognition of the American dream.

Burnett told the audience how he moved to Los Angeles after leaving the British Army when he was just 22. Living with a friend and unsure of his path, he ended up taking a job as a nanny in Beverly Hills.

From there, he worked hard and eventually landed in Hollywood, creating shows like “The Voice” and “Survivor,” as Blaze Media noted. When he later joined MGM as an executive, his story came full circle.

“I was given an office on the top floor of MGM … [with an] incredible view of the Hollywood sign [and] Beverly Hills and then it dawned on me,” Burnett said. “I looked out the window … and I could actually see the house where I was a nanny.”

He continued, “This can only happen in America! It’s the American dream.”

As for Downey, she recalled working in New York City and checking coats at an upscale restaurant. One day, the late TV legend Regis Philbin came in and gave her a $20 tip, a kind act that stunned her at the time.

A few years later, she was starring on “Touched By an Angel” and ended up on Philbin’s show, where the two discussed what happened at the restaurant not long before.

“Checking coats one minute,” Downey said at the time. “Starring on TV the next.”

Find out more about the actress’ latest project “A Message in the Moon.”

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