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Hollywood Actress Reveals Powerful Lessons She Learned After Reading the Entire Bible: 'I Felt So Comforted'

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Actress Danica McKellar recently revealed the lessons she learned after reading the entire Bible in a year, sharing how she “really enjoyed it” and was left feeling deeply comforted.

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“For me, reading the Bible, I just have to say, I felt so comforted,” McKellar said. “And oddly so, even during the chapters like getting through Job, you know, and the poor guy, he’s suffering and his friends are like, ‘Yeah, well, it’s probably your fault. It’s something you did.'”

Despite those challenging moments, “The Wonder Years” star said she still found comfort in Scripture.

McKellar, who used “The Bible Recap” to chronologically move through the Bible, said the Old and New Testaments show “God rewards faithfulness” and is “good,” likening the Lord’s relationship with humans to the tough love a parent sometimes has to show children, Movieguide reported.

Ultimately, she said, humility is one of the most important themes in the biblical narrative.

“There’s this theme in the Bible of ego versus humility, and I want to say even more so than the story of good versus evil, although that is definitely in there,” McKellar said. “From the human’s point of view, it feels like the lesson we’re supposed to learn is about ego versus humility and the way to live our lives in humility. And it doesn’t mean that anything is being taken away. Just the opposite.”

She said the Bible shows the dangers of following all the wrong things, with the Scriptures encouraging an approach to life based on total humility.

“The humility becomes the reward,” McKellar said. “If I can get in touch with humility … God floods in and it just feels amazing.”

The actress, who recently starred in the new film “A Royal Date for Christmas,” recently told CBN News how finding faith enriched her life.

The actress, who stars in the new film, “A Royal Date for Christmas,” has also been on an authentic and public faith journey over the past year and a half, embracing Christianity and sharing her experience.

“I feel so blessed … people have said, ‘Oh, you are so bold,’” McKellar said of her willingness to discuss her beliefs. “It doesn’t feel like bold. It doesn’t feel like it requires courage or anything. … When you experience something that is so beautiful and so wonderful and so life-changing, you want everyone to feel that.”

Read more about what she had to say here.

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