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Hollywood Actress Helps Pregnant Teen, Saving Unborn Baby's Life: 'I See This Beautiful Little Girl and I Start Bawling'

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Actress Alexa PenaVega, an outspoken Christian who has worked in the entertainment industry since childhood, recently recounted a time she helped save a baby from abortion.

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The “Spy Kids” and Hallmark star — married to fellow actor and singer Carlos PenaVega — told Students for Life’s “Speak Out” podcast host Christine Yeargin the situation unfolded after a “well-known” man reached out to her for help.

He told her a young woman had contacted him and explained her teenage sister was considering an abortion. The pregnant teen is a fan of PenaVega, and the unnamed man asked if PenaVega would consider hopping on a Zoom call with the girl, according to Live Action.

“I was so excited at this possibility but, also, I’ve never had this conversation before — what do you even say to a young girl who’s in this position?” PenaVega said. “I think she was 16 or 17 and she’s just in this position of like, ‘I don’t know what to do.'”

She agreed to help and spend an hour and a half talking with the worried teen, explaining the joys of motherhood and how it’s the “greatest thing” being able to tuck her children in each night.

“We ended the phone call and … we didn’t really think she was convinced on keeping the baby,” PenaVega said, noting she promised the teen she would be there for her and would help point her toward resources.

But despite uncertainty, the teen did keep her child.

Watch PenaVega share the powerful story:

“What’s wild is she decided to keep the baby and I have a relationship with her,” PenaVega said. “And I get to see this baby on social media. … “I see this beautiful little girl and I start bawling.”

She continued, “I will forever feel connected to her.”

PenaVega also spoke with CBN’s Faithwire last summer about the memoir she co-authored with Carlos, “What If Love Is the Point?: Living for Jesus in a Self-Consumed World,” a book about faith, love, perseverance, and finding Christ amid chaos.

“God has always called my heart, ever since I was little,” PenaVega told CBN’s Faithwire. “I just always felt His presence, and I’ve always felt His peace.”

The actress, who grew up in a home where she learned about Jesus but wasn’t deeply rooted in Scripture, said that, over time, God began calling her closer to Him.

“As I got older, God just kept calling me into His arms again and again and again — and specifically after I went through divorce,” PenaVega said. “I was like, I need to seek refuge in God and really know what it means to be a Christian, because I keep telling everybody, ‘I’m a Christian. I’m a Christian.’”

But the actress said she hadn’t read the Bible or fully understood its contents. She realized she didn’t know what she believed, so she decided to start genuinely diving into her relationship with the Lord.

The results were nothing short of life-altering. Watch PenaVega tell her story:

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