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Greg Laurie: A New 'Jesus Revolution' Is Possible Even if End-Times Prophecy Says Things Get Worse

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With the hit film “Jesus Revolution” continuing to captivate the nation and with countless campuses breaking out in impromptu revivals, questions persist about whether another spiritual awakening is on the horizon.

But while some observing the outpouring at Asbury University and other campuses believe a Great Awakening could be afoot, others ponder whether end-times theology — specifically the belief culture will further devolve before Christ’s return — somehow precludes another major revival from unfolding.

The argument goes as follows: If culture is poised to worsen, it makes little sense revival could simultaneously unfold. But some point out these happenings aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.

Pastor Greg Laurie, the real-life subject of the “Jesus Revolution” film, recently spoke with CBN’s Faithwire about this complex dynamic.

“There’s a lot going on in our world right now,” Laurie said. “Of course, we have the Chinese spy balloon hovering across our nation, we have the continuing war in Ukraine, we have world leaders like President Biden and Putin talking about potential nuclear war.”

The Harvest Crusade founder said “everything’s escalated” right now at a rapid pace, and explained what Bible prophecy proclaims about the end of days.

“Jesus likened it to labor pains being closer together, and before the woman gives birth, and that’s what the end times signs would look like,” Laurie said. “There would be more of them closer together. No question that’s happening.”

Listen to Laurie’s incredible story, his comments on the end times, and his take on “Jesus Revolution”:

With that in mind, Laurie explored where revival fits into that dynamic. He said he believes Scripture points to a “church returning to life” during the Great Tribulation period preceding final end times events, thus he doesn’t see beliefs about a declining morality in culture precluding revivals.

“I see indications in Scripture that there could be an awakening of the church before the Lord comes back,” he said.

Laurie also spoke about the making of “Jesus Revolution” and his decision to trust filmmakers Andrew and Jon Erwin with his story, pointing to their phenomenal work on past movies like “I Still Believe” and “I Can Only Imagine.”

“Jesus Revolution” tells Laurie’s story of journeying from a lost young man experimenting with drugs and trying to find his way to a Christian, husband, and revered preacher. It also explores the story behind the late preacher Chuck Smith, who founded the Calvary Chapel movement, and evangelist Lonnie Frisbee.

Listen to the latest episode of CBN’s Quick Start podcast. 

“Jesus Christ literally reached in and pulled me out of my old life,” Laurie said of his story depicted in the film. “I’m thankful that, despite the life I lived, God has taken it and will use it to encourage other people to tell them, whatever you’re going through, you can get through this, you can survive this and God has a plan for your life.”

Laurie said he’s quite pleased with the final product of “Jesus Revolution.”

“I’m still very moved when I watch it,” he said. “All the actors did an amazing job. So much so, you don’t think of them as actors. You’re pulled into the story.”

Find out more about “Jesus Revolution” here.

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