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Dog the Bounty Hunter Opens Up About Supernatural Warfare, Prayer, & Following Jesus

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Duane Chapman, more famously known as "Dog the Bounty Hunter," opened up about the power of prayer, supernatural warfare, and the end times in a recent interview saying, "I'm going to walk in the steps of Jesus."

Chapman and his wife, Francie, appeared on The Kellie Show alongside Katie Souza to share how their supernatural journey with the Lord has not only changed their lives but also made them ministers to people from all walks of life.

Chapman, who served time in prison before giving his life to Christ, spent years chasing down convicts. He knows what a hard-core criminal looks like. He said that believers today need the supernatural empowerment of God to overcome the demonic evil facing the world. 

"We all know that there's evil and good. So let's go one step further. Katie and I and Francie have met a lot of bank robbers and we met a lot of guys that will beat you down and shoot you. But there's this other realm of criminal which is called demonic," he said.

He continued," Now those demonic guys will kill their own mothers. They'll walk into a school and start shooting everybody or a shopping center. Now, evil is evil, but demonic evil is there. We all know now in America that we've seen demonic evil. 'How could that guy do that?' On the natural flipside of that coin has to be God's supernatural power."

"After Beth passed away I went to the Lord and said 'alright here I am. I am going after the supernatural. I'm not satisfied with Christianity, I want super-Christianity'," Chapman added. 

The 69-year-old believes the world is already in what many end-times prophets refer to as the "last days" and believes Christians will need God's supernatural empowerment. 

"The Bible says in the beginning of the last days, which we're all in, [and] everyone knows that, sinner or not, you know that something is going on," he continued. "And the Bible says 'I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh.' All flesh is me! And then you know what else it says, it says 'on your sons and your daughters shall prophesy.'"  

Chapman also explained that believers should be prepared to do the works that Jesus did.


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Chapman shared a story about how he and Francie had just finished taking communion and were driving down a street in Nashville when they suddenly spotted a girl overdosing on drugs and convulsing in the street.

"The Lord said to me 'she needs help'. And I looked at her and she's passing out and her eyes are rolling in the back of her head. And I asked God what do I do and He said 'either give her mouth to mouth or lay hands on her'," he recalled. 

Chapman explained the incident occurred at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, so he chose to lay hands on her and believe for her to be supernaturally healed. He said as he went to touch her, she began cursing. 

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"I took a deep breath and I said 'in the name of Jesus, right now, stop it!' And I said 'in Jesus' name, get out of her!'" 

Chapman's wife explains the girl sat straight up "in her right mind" and begins to cry asking, "what happened to me?"

Her husband, who watched the entire incident, asked Chapman the same question. 

"I just cast a demon out of her in Jesus' name," Dog later told friends. 

Chapman is not retiring from bounty hunting. While on the show, he announced plans for a new TV program called "Dog the Bounty Hunter and the Essentials".

"We're going after child molesters, child predators, guys that kill women, guys that beat women," he explained. "Right now in America, it's about the only people they leave in jail. So we are going after the worst of the worse and we're bringing them in, in Jesus' name."

The pair will also be helping victims of sex trafficking by bringing them to the "House of Bounty" to get them "healthy, whole, and healed."

"We want them to live a life that is outside of abuse and to know who they are in Christ," Francie explained. 

She added, "We've been praying a lot about what's next. We know that God brought us together for a specific reason and for a powerful reason and to bring glory to His Kingdom, everywhere we go and we want to do that and that's our heart."

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