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Vision From God Sends Man on Mission to Create Massive Monument to Miracles, 'Answered Prayers'

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A monument documenting miracles and answered prayers is set to be built in England, with the massive structure serving as an international reminder of God’s impact on people’s lives.

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Richard Gamble, creator of the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer, recently told CBN’s Faithwire about the inspiration for his massive monument and what he’s hoping to achieve.

“It is a giant infinity loop,” he said. “It’s made of a million bricks. It’s about the size of a football pitch, and it sort of arcs up 167 feet into the skyline.”

But the truly unique feature of the structure is the meaning each piece of the monument holds: every interactive brick will tell the story of an answered prayer.

“Every single brick in this structure will represent a story of answered prayer,” he said. “And people will be able to … point their phone at any one of the bricks … and the phone will light up and it’ll tell them the story of hope that lies within.”

Gamble said the Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer was sparked by a vision he had back in 2004. He was walking across his county with a giant cross in an effort to get people thinking deeper about Jesus and said a simple prayer to the Lord: “Hey God, what do you want me to do next?”

And that’s when he was given the idea for the monument.

Gamble spent the next 10 years praying about the idea before embarking on another near-decade to make the “dream a reality.” Next year, the cross will officially be under construction.

“We’ve already started the building process,” Gamble said. “We’ve got the planning permission, the zoning permission, we’ve built the road, and we are just going through the final pieces of the contracts now to get it all signed up.”

The Eternal Wall of Answered Prayer will be complete by 2026, with hopes of getting King Charles and other dignitaries to the site for its opening. For now, Gamble and his team are working on collecting real-life stories of answered prayer for each of the bricks.

“We are just asking the public, ‘If you’ve prayed and Jesus has answered, we just wanna hear your story,'” he said. “And so people are going online and we’ve got a website set up.”

He said he’s excited to help others “discover the God who answers” through each of the bricks and stories. Ironically, Gamble said procuring stories has been the “biggest challenge” of the process — not fundraising or preparing to build the structure.

“The hardest thing is getting Christians to give us five minutes of their time to actually share a story of what God’s done,” he said. “My aim is to proclaim the deeds of the Lord.”

You can share your own stories of answered prayer and learn more about the monument here.

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