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The Real Solution to Saving the Unborn: ‘Stand in the Gap’

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A pro-life activist working to help women realize abortion isn’t their only option is on a mission to bring people a “system of care” and “true choices.”

Listen to them on the latest episode of “Quick Start”

Jeff Bradford, president of Human Coalition, recently told CBN News his organization works on both the service and legislative sides.

“Human Coalition is one of the largest pro-life, pro-woman organizations in the country,” Bradford said. “We work directly with women who believe that abortion is their only option.”

He continued, “We also work on the legislative service … where we’re helping shape and protect good laws that also reduce the supply of abortion across the country.”

In the end, though, Bradford said there’s only one tactic that will truly heal the abortion divide.

“Ultimately, we have to change hearts and minds,” he said.

Watch Bradford explain:

With the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision overturning of Roe v. Wade, the 1973 case that had legalized abortion across America, Bradford stressed recognizing that the issue is anything but settled.

With abortion rights being turned back to the states, some locations are restricting abortion while others seek to solidify access to the procedure. And while those legislative battles are essential to engage, Bradford said the changing of hearts is most important.

“These women that come in want to be seen, they want to be loved, they want to be cared for, and they want somebody to stand in the gap for them,” he said. “Seventy-six percent of the women who think abortion is their only option initially will tell us that they prefer to parent if their circumstances were different.”

Bradford continued, “Doesn’t that just break your heart … these women have been told that abortion is their only option, and yet they want to parent if they could have somebody just standing in the gap.”

The pro-life activist said he understands where many of these women are coming from and the intense struggles some face.

“They’re in a very difficult position,” Bradford said. “They feel and believe that abortion is their only option. Many times, the father of the baby, or friends, or parents abandon the woman at her greatest time of need.”

He went on to share his own circumstances when he and his now wife, engaged to be married, didn’t know where to turn when they faced an unexpected pregnancy.

“[We] were engaged to be married, we got pregnant and, not knowing where to turn, we ended up at Planned Parenthood 30 years ago,” Bradford said. “And we took the life of our first daughter … not knowing, truly, that this was our daughter and child.”

He encouraged people to “love” the women in these situations, to care for them, and to show compassion.

“They need to understand that there are options and people out there who truly want to help them [with] housing, education, employment,” Bradford said. “These are areas that we focus on at Human Coalition.”

He said the current state of the pro-life movement is “strong,” with the men and women at the center of it, offering love and deep care to women and children.

“There’s a lot thrown at us and the mainstream media is probably the biggest area, because there’s so many lies in this, perceptions of what’s really going on,” Bradford said. “And there’s still a…lack of education.”

Human Coalition recently conducted a survey finding even pro-life people are confused about issues surrounding when a baby’s heartbeat begins, when they have eyes, ears, a brain, and DNA.

Bradford said that the lack of information exposes the need to educate. Watch him explain above.

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