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'Kids Are Being Totally Reprogrammed': Actor Kirk Cameron's Candid Message to Christian Parents About the Education Crisis

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Actor Kirk Cameron is warning against parents simply sending their children into public schools unprepared for the hyper-secular situation they’ll encounter.

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“So often, Christian parents will sort of justify tossing their children into a public school for seven hours a day, being indoctrinated to hate what the parents believe in terms of God, hate what they have been taught about America,” Cameron told “Faith vs. Culture.”

He continued, “And kids are being totally reprogrammed and parents will say this — ‘Well … they’re in the mission field of the public school,’ and they’re justifying their apathy about their children’s spiritual formation by calling them evangelists.”

Cameron, author of the new kids’ book, “Pride Comes Before the Fall,” lamented this situation and noted children aren’t equipped to deal with what they will encounter in the public school system.

He then cautioned parents about protecting these kids.

“You don’t throw children onto a battlefield in Iraq,” he said. “First, you must train them, equip them, show them how to use the weapons that they’ve been given, and identify the enemy, and only fight as a last resort and … that’s what we need to be doing as parents. That’s our sacred trust that God’s given us.”

Watch Cameron discuss education issues, pride, humility, and more:

As CBN’s Faithwire previously reported, Cameron has spent months visiting libraries and other locations to share his uplifting children’s books while addressing the issues impacting Christians and the culture at large.

Cameron told CBN’s “Faith vs. Culture” he’s been meeting parents, grandparents, and kids who love God and are concerned about American culture and “the direction our culture has been heading for decades.”

“There is a need for a new generation of liberty men and women to rise up and I want to be counted among them,” Cameron said. “So, what do I do? Start by rooting the sin out of my own heart, because, if I don’t do that, I’ve disqualified myself for doing anything bigger than getting my own house in order.”

He continued, “Love my wife, raise my kids, and then use the opportunities I can to shine light in the darkness.”

Watch the full interview here.

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