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Miraculous Survival with a Message From Heaven!

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At the age of 13, Micah Anderson was described as a witty, bright, compassionate boy. His mother, Katja Anderson recalls her son in his youth, “just a very funny goofball, very kind and gentle.”

Micah was also a rising star on the motocross circuit until he was critically injured in an accident. “He was grey, barely breathing just like a little whimper; and every time he took a breath. I’m like, is he dead?” questions Micah’s dad, Shawn Anderson.

Micah was airlifted to the trauma unit of the closest hospital. “The crushing injury of that motorcycle coming down on his head, I really didn’t think there was any way he could survive that,” recalls Dr. J. Dodd, the Anderson Family’s physician.

“We were hearing phrases like “life support, we were being prepared, you know, that there would be no recovery,” Katja remembers painfully. Shawn says, “I called family members, called friends, I just couldn’t even talk. Every time I tried to talk, I was just crying.”

In prayer, Katja pleaded, “I remember asking the Lord to please, please let Micah recover and be like the Micah he always was.”

In the next days and weeks, Micah lay comatose, clinging to life. Family and friends, and thousands of intercessors around the world rallied in prayer for him. “We had millions of people praying for us and from the very beginning I had that deep, deep peace that even if Micah did not recover, this is ok,” says Katja.

The next few months were tumultuous. Micah’s body convulsed constantly as his brain tried to heal. “I remember we came to a point where we had to say, we are going to let him go totally, completely,” says Katja. “We just laid it down before God and said, we will do what you want us to do,” Shawn recalls.

“It’s not like that ended the grieving, I would just cry and cry and cry,” Katja says emotionally remembering that time.

Eventually, Micah’s body calmed down, but he was still unresponsive with no signs of awareness. Doctors finally told the Andersons they had done all they could do. Unrelieved by the news, Shawn remembers his son’s condition at the time. “It was just his body, it was just a blank expression on his face, nothing and that was it. They said pretty much, this is your new normal.”

Three and a half months after the accident, Micah and his family were sent home to face their new reality. Family and friends offered support and the intercessors continued to pray.

“Yes, we had moments where we just didn’t know how to go on,” admits Katja. “Just saying, God, I can’t do this,” says Shawn. Katja adds, “the Lord kept telling us, I have given you grace today that is sufficient and I will give you grace again for tomorrow.” Then, suddenly, there was a stunning new development…

The Andersons' new normal was upended. Shawn recalls a tender moment with his son, “I’m walking right in front of his bed and I stubbed my toe, and all of sudden Micah’s laying bed there and he starts chuckling at me, he was going ha ha ha ha. He couldn’t move, but he was going hahahah. I sit down and start cracking more jokes and he’s laughing at all the appropriate times.” From that day forward, Micah was alert and responsive.

Several months later, Micah delivered his first verbal message to his astounded family, he told them that after the accident, he met Jesus in heaven. Micah says, “I turned around and I was looking in the face of Christ, and the angels were just worshipping Him. There was no explanation for how much joy I had. He said, “I want to send you back'. I said, “Why”? Then Jesus said, 'they must know about my love and My Father's love for everyone, no matter what they have done, how I love them and forgive them and accept them if they come to the cross.'”

Today, at 21 years old, Micah never misses an opportunity to share the love of Christ with everyone he meets.

Debbie Kirkland will never forget her encounter with Micah. “I had recently experienced a loss and meeting Micah and his joy and sharing his experience of entering into heaven. It impacted me so greatly,” she says.

When you ask Micah how it feels that his story brings hope and healing to so many lives, he humbly replies, “It means the world to me knowing that I am fulfilling my job, well.”

And when asked how he is joyful and content living with physical limitations, he replies, “Why would I spend my time here and get other people sad or depressed, when I could elevate them and make them feel the joy and love that I did in heaven.”

The perseverance, courage, and faith of the Anderson Family is also changing lives. They say it’s Micah himself who inspires them and gives them an overwhelming peace about the future. “He encourages me every day. He always speaks life, he encourages, always lifts up,” says Katja.

“That this was miraculous goes without saying. I wouldn’t even deem to predict what God has in store for him!” says Micah’s family doctor, Dr. Dodd, who has seen the progress from the beginning.

“Our life here on Earth is short, and why would you like to waste your small time here on Earth being sad?” says Micah.

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