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Phil Robertson Proclaims America’s Godly Heritage

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Politics in the Voting Booth

The United States of America was built on a godly foundation, a kingdom foundation. Unfortunately, these days it is hard to find God in our political parties, Republican or Democrat. Both sides claim they can sort out the problems that plague our country. The truth is America is more divided than ever because it has lost sight of our godly heritage. The country is more violent and more immoral than ever, family is in decline, and babies are being aborted. “Although we were once a country that followed the King, we’ve traded God’s laws for laws fashioned in the shape of our own desires,” shares Phil. “We’ve voted for the very things that steal our freedoms, kill our society, and destroy our country.” The good news is we’ve been given the antidote to America’s soul sickness and Phil calls it, “Jesus Politics.” 
As a result of the success of Duck Dynasty (A&E’s popular reality television show which ended in 2017) God gave Phil a platform to share about the Kingdom. He has spoken at political events and even directly with President Trump on a few occasions, but every time he speaks, he makes it clear, “I am more interested in advancing policies that align with the kingdom of heaven than I am in advancing the agenda of any political party.” No matter what side of the political aisle you choose Phil believes as a believer, Jesus makes demands on your life including the political candidates you support, the political groups you give money to, and the votes you cast.  

A Kingdom Manifesto

America needs to turn from the politics of self-indulgence, self-interest, and self-gratification. Phil encourages followers of Jesus to adopt a new way of thinking that follows the declarations of God. He says, “Adopt Jesus politics as your manifesto” and take action to help return America to its godly heritage:

  • Vote for leaders who promote religious liberty and protect our rights to practice Christianity.
  • Vote for leaders who advance the policies of life.
  • Vote for leaders who promote policies designed to strengthen the biblical view of families instead of destroy them. 
  • Vote for leaders who elevate the Creator over creation.
  • Demand leaders reflect the character of Jesus and extend forgiveness so meaningful political debate can take place.
  • Speak out against ungodly laws and serve your fellow man.
  • Live your lives in a manner worthy of the King, in a way that invites others into the kingdom in the hopes of winning back the soul of America.

Phil cautions, “This country won’t make it another generation unless a throng of Christians uses their democratic freedoms to advance the policies of King Jesus.”

Kingdom Living

Jesus politics is about more than changing government structures and systems. Phil says, “It is also about loving the King so much that you’d go out of your way to share that love with your neighbor.” You may see Phil speaking out on issues like abortion or the Second Amendment at political events, but he is also working behind the scenes to help those who need help. A few years ago, a young woman walked into their church in Louisiana. She was a strung-out heroin addict who asked him for assistance to get out of her lifestyle. Phil and his friends helped her out and she cleaned up, got a job, and became a child of the King. Although Phil is not a pastor, he spends a lot of time telling people about Jesus and even baptizing people who come to his church from all over America.  

Do your part for the kingdom by living godly lives that influence the world around you. Speak out against tyranny and share the good news of Jesus with everyone. It is also important to stand firm in your faith even if it means being mocked by the media, having our businesses shut down, or even being imprisoned.

Phil's Daughter

In the 70’s before Phil became a Christian, he had an affair. A daughter was born that he never knew existed. Earlier this year, he met his daughter, Phyliss, who is 44 years old and also a believer. She wrote a letter to Phil’s sons Al and Jase claiming to be their sister after doing a DNA test. Phil agreed to also do a DNA test as well and the results revealed a 99.9 percent match. The family has welcomed her into the Robertson clan. Phil says, “She is the best thing that came out of my past.” 

Phil's Testimony

In 1966, Phil was a student at Louisiana Tech University when Time Magazine published a controversial cover. “Is God Dead” blared across the front of the magazine.  It was a shocking question, but even more provocative than that was the supporting article. The writer stated that a radical band of theologians had argued that the church must accept the fact that God was dead and to “get along without him.” This mindset was a direct reflection of the tumultuous 60s where nothing was absolute: God was a myth, and sexuality and morality were relative. “Man could be the center of his own existence,” says Phil, who admits he, too, was led down the same road of deception. 

Phil’s days of debauchery reached their peak in 1975. He had lost his job as a high school teacher and opened a bar but lost it over a fist fight with the property owners. The owners pressed charges and Phil went on the run.  While a fugitive from the law, Phil took a job on an offshore rig in the Gulf of Mexico and partied with his friends. “The more I chased my desires, the emptier I felt,” says Phil.  Late one night, Phil had an outburst.  “Guilt drove me to think it was my family who kept me from experiencing ultimate freedom,” he says.  “Maybe by pushing them away, I’d push the guilt away, too.” His wife, Miss Kay, piled the kids in the car and drove away in their VW.  Phil decided to make the most out of his newfound freedom, but it didn’t take long for the truth to set in.”  At the time, Phil didn’t have a relationship with God. “I didn’t know my guilt was a result of violating the very real law of a very real and living God,” he says.  “Had I known the Word of God, maybe I would have understood that by choosing to violate God’s law, I had chosen judgment under the law.”

Miss Kay prayed for Phil. A month later, when it became too much to bear, he drove his truck to her store parking lot and cried.  Phil agreed to meet with Bill, the preacher from his sister’s church.  That night, Bill explained the good news of the Gospel. The next night, Phil met Bill again.  That night, Phil gave his life to the Lord and was baptized.  “Down into the water I went and when I came up from that cleansing flood, I knew I was a changed man,” says Phil. At that moment, he decided to share the good news of Jesus with anyone God put in his path.

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