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Pancake Fridays and Superbook!

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Don Moen: “My name is Don Moen, I’m a worship leader, singer, song-writer, producer. I have five kids and now eleven grandchildren and known as ‘Papa’ around here. Four of our five children live ten minutes from our house so now we have all these little grandchildren, they show up at the house on Friday Morning, about 7:30 or 8, for Pancake Friday! And it gets a little more chaotic, but why not keep the tradition going (laugh)!”

When all the kids get together for Pancake Friday, it's amazing to watch these kids, sit and watch Superbook … As a producer I look at the excellence in the quality of production. Pacing is important to me. Superbook holds their interest, there’s enough adventure, enough danger, excitement to keep the kids attention!”

Laura Moen: “I’m Laura Moen, my grandchildren call me ‘Maymay’. I want them to know the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind and strength! It’s so wonderful to actually watch the children watching Superbook that teaches them the stories in the Bible that are relevant, really, relevant for today!”

Don Moen: “People don’t need another production, they don’t need more pageantry, they don’t need more technology, but the only thing that’s going to change a life is the presence of God. And never underestimate the power of a story, of an image, in a little child’s mind and heart!"

Don continues, "As a parent I wanted to speak into my children’s life but now as a grandparent, you have these little young lives and there’s just a window. When it gets crazy around here Laura reminds that – ‘it’s just a window’ – ‘cuz once they get into school, we won’t be having a crazy time over here at Pancake Friday!"

"And I want to share the gospel with them. Or use this Superbook series as wonderful to just trigger stories. The salvation poem – every single episode -- there it is! As a father, as a grandfather to be able to keep it real, keep it simple, stay on message the whole time, they’ll grow up remembering these stories,” says Don.

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Tom Buehring

Tom currently travels as a National Sports Correspondent for The 700 Club and CBN News. He engages household sports names to consider the faith they’ve discovered within their own unique journey. He has over 30 years of experience as a TV sports anchor, show host, reporter and producer, working commercially at stations in Seattle, Tampa, Nashville and Fayetteville where he developed, launched and hosted numerous nightly and weekly shows and prime-time specials. Prior to his TV market hopping, Tom proposed and built an academic/intern television broadcast program at the University of North