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God Transforms a Father-Daughter Bond

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Doctor Joseph Chelule is a single father who spent many hours at work in a rural clinic. His wife abandoned the family, so when he came home, his daughter, Alice, was eager to spend time with him, and hopeful that someday he would find salvation.

Alice said, “I started going to church with my cousin. Every Sunday, for one year, I invited my father to attend church with me. He promised that he would come later, but he never did. It made me feel very bad.”

Joseph explained, “I was hesitant to go to church. I wasn’t ready to let go of my lifestyle. During the day, I was a doctor, but in my free time, I went out drinking and partying with friends.”

At church, Alice joined a SuperBook club, where she and other children in her community spend their Sunday watching SuperBook and learning more about the Bible.

“SuperBook taught me to embrace the fruits of the Holy Spirit,” said Alice. “Every time I came here, I prayed for my father. My favorite episode is David and Goliath, where he picks up the stone and hits Goliath. It reminds me that I can be like David and conquer whatever I’m facing.”

Joseph said, “There was one Sunday Alice tried to stop me from going out. She started crying, saying, ‘We never spend time together.’ She tried to lock me in the house. I left, but couldn’t enjoy myself because I kept thinking about Alice being so broken about me leaving her.”
The next Sunday, Alice invited him to church again, and this time, he joined her.

“When I walked into the church, I was welcomed with open arms,” said Joseph. “I prayed the prayer of salvation and gave my life to Christ. I finally had peace in my heart.”

Alice said, “Seeing him kneel down and pray was the happiest moment of my life. All I could tell God was, ‘Thank You.’ My father has become a different man. He’s more loving, talks about God, and spends more time with me.”

Joseph said, “I appreciate her persistence and patience with my salvation. If it wasn’t for her, I would not be where I am today. Our relationship has become very strong. Every Sunday, we go to church and spend the entire day together. I’m grateful for the transformation I can see in her and in myself.”

With a big smile, Alice said, “To the people who created SuperBook, ‘Thank you. SuperBook changed my life.’”

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