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Jordan Feliz: Our Future is Now

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Have you ever had the feeling that everything you do is never good enough?  Whatever you say or even think sometimes falls short of others expectations.

You are not alone.

Jordan Feliz knows that feeling too.  There have been many times when the Dove Award winning artist thought that no matter what he wrote, sang, or recorded, it just didn’t stand up to all the great music being written and performed all around him.

But as he soon discovered, his head was in the wrong place, but more importantly his heart was too.  He found that he was more focused on pleasing people than pleasing God.

It wasn’t until he was in the studio recording the follow-up to his highly successful debut, The River that he realized that he didn’t need to march around his fear, but plow right through it instead.  And what he found on the other side was so rewarding … solid ground.

I recently sat down with Jordan to discuss his new album, Future, how his prospering music career almost didn’t get off the ground, and why we need to trust God even when we cannot see His plan for us.

You are coming off a very successful Winter Jam Tour that likely introduced your music to some entirely new audiences.  What’s your biggest takeaway for yourself from being out on that highly visible tour? 

I honestly feel like the biggest thing was, what an honor it was to be on the road with such incredible artists and get to elevate the name of Jesus with thousands of people every single night!

This is your second album release with Future.  Having talked to a lot of artists over the years the consensus is that the first album usually just flows out of you as you have years of ideas and lyrics stored up and at the ready to record.  However, since you have used up a lot of those ideas on the first record, the storage locker can sometimes be a little bare.  Was this the case for you? 

Honestly, for me it wasn’t that the ideas weren’t there. It was that I legitimately had it made out in my mind that whatever I did people just weren’t going to ever think it was as good as what was in the past. I found truth when a friend reminded that my future was found in my salvation and not in what anyone thought. That as long as I followed the path the Lord had me on, provision and abundance would be!

Is there any sort of theme for Future?  What key messages are you trying to convey with this album?

The message of Future is to tell people that we don’t have to say the words “I got this!” anymore. We live in a world that wants control over everything, but we don’t have it! If we just had faith and trusted that the Lord goes before us and holds our future. 

Why do you think so many people fear their future?

I think the future seems scary because it’s unknown. You can plan all you want, but it doesn’t mean that is exactly how things will go hardly ever! But like I said before, if we entrust the Lord with our future, we find real freedom! 

Have you ever experienced fear of the future?  If so, please explain how God has worked in your life to overcome this.

Yes, 100%. That was a huge struggle with this record. I think through strong community and the realization that I don’t have to carry my life. Actually, if I give it up to Jesus, fear begins to subside because where Jesus is, fear doesn’t exist.  

Writing songs has often been compared to being a lyrical storyteller.  With that in mind, what is the story you are telling with your current single, “Witness”?

“Witness” is about the fact that everyday there are billions of people on the face of the earth walking through millions of different seasons. BUT, the beautiful thing we have as believers is that we believe in a God who is sovereign over all! And that is what “Witness” is about … coming together as the body of Christ and acknowledging His sovereignty in our lives!

I understand you wrote “Witness” in only 45 minutes. Why is it that sometimes songs just seem to flow out of a person and seem to write themselves?  Yet there are other times where writing a song is literally a gut wrenching experience that can take weeks or months.

I think sometimes your heart is just in line with what needs to be communicated. I always feel like the Lord gives me, my producers and co-writers something and there are days we get to sprint with it cause we kind of all know where we want to go. And other days it’s a marathon, not because we don’t know what to say but we might just not know how to say it correctly, so we wait on the Lord to show us!

Changing gears, when you and your wife first came to Nashville it was a tremendous leap of faith for you.  Please describe how God tested your faith in this pursuit by leaving California to pursue music?

We definitely were challenged in a lot of ways. I had the tour that was going to pay for our move get cancelled. We kept feeling like the Lord was still telling us to go, so we did. It was so incredibly scary because we didn’t know if we would make it. But through a couple phone calls and trusting in the Lord we didn’t just make it to Nashville, but we made it with complete abundance financially and spiritually. 

Final question for you, after someone has listened to Future what do you want audiences to get out of the listening experience?  What is your greatest hope for this record?

I pray that people leave the record feeling the freedom and joy of salvation! That if they placed every sin, shame, anxiety at the feet of Jesus, gave him your future you will live a life that is changed!

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