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Prayer Sees Boy Thrive After Car Accident

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August 8, 2021, the Routh family were on their way to their annual vacation, camping in Myrtle Beach, SC. As always, they prayed before getting on the road. Mike recalled, “And we just pray for traveling mercies that we would be a bold witness for everybody that we come in contact with while we're out and on vacation and everything else.”

Almost two hours into the trip, they stopped for gas and a bite to eat. While there, the father, Mike and their oldest daughter, Rebecca, stayed at the gas station as mom, Paris, started across a busy intersection with their two younger children, Calais and Fisher. After crossing the first two lanes safely, Paris and Calais stopped when they saw oncoming traffic. However, Fisher didn’t look and stepped in front of an oncoming car.

Paris remembered, “I saw what was about to happen and I said, ‘Fisher look right!’ And he was thrown in the air. He landed on his head and he landed in a crumple. I thought to myself...the thought crossed my mind, 'You just watched your son die right in front of you.'” Frantic, Paris called 9-1-1. By now, Mike and Rebecca had run to their side.

Mike remembered, “You go immediately to thinking the worse. What would he look like? Would I be able to talk to him? He was anguishing in pain and crying. It's a time that you realize there is nobody but God that can help you at that point." Paris shared, “I was just praying and begging God for his life and just saying, ‘Please don’t take him from me.’”

The paramedics arrived within minutes. After stabilizing Fisher, they put him, along with his mom, in an ambulance and headed toward Mcleod Regional Medical Center, a trauma 1 facility. By now, friends, family, and their church had been told to pray for Fisher. Paris said, “I wanted to let him know we had many people praying for him. And then the other thing that was really on my heart, I said, ‘Fisher, I love you.’”

In the ER, the doctor’s biggest fear was that he had suffered severe brain damage. Paris recalled, “We waited for those test results to come back. And that was anguishing time to wait.” Finally, the results…..other than a mild concussion, bruises and road rash, Fisher would be fine.

Paris shared, “There was no broken bones, no skull fracture, no brain bleed. There was no problem shown on the CT scan. I can just never say thank you enough to God that we're able to all be together and that we still had Fisher with us.” Mike recalled, “I just started thinking about the goodness of God in our life. All the glory, all the credit, you know, everything was to Him.”

Seven hours later, Fisher was released. Although bandaged up, in some pain and a little foggy, he and the family were able to continue their vacation. After a couple of days rest, Fisher was enjoying all the activities he loved. He even went swimming!

Fisher shared, “I realized how much worse it could have been and what I was protected from. I was thankful to God that I was alive and that I was able to go on vacation still.”

Mike said, “As I looked at him, I just kept going back to the goodness of God in that there were so many things that had to be aligned for him to be able to be standing there like he was.”

Since then, Fisher has completely healed and has no residual effects from the concussion. Police reports would later conclude the car was going almost 30mph, and he was thrown 15 feet in the air before landing on his head. The doctors said it was a miracle he survived.

Fisher said, “Prayer definitely had something to do with me just being okay. If you pray and are sincere about what you are praying, you will receive an answer.”

Mike shared, “We put God in a box, and if we'll trust Him and we'll put our life in His hands fully, He will bless us.” Paris concluded, “We could never say thank you enough for God to heal our son and to give us this miracle. God is faithful, He is trustworthy.”

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